Thursday, June 1, 2017

Another Last - Seminary Graduation

Princess Five graduated from Seminary last week. She had a bit of a struggle in the last few months getting her to graduation.

Her older sisters were able to read a few verses at night and take quizzes and attend and that was enough to graduate from "seminary." In our church, the kids study our main books of scripture and learn lessons from them. If they participate, they would graduate. Here is a link to a post about Princess Four Graduating.

A few years back, they changed the requirements to graduate. They now have requirements that they need to read all the major scriptures to graduate. With Princess Five's busy last few years with Cheer, Drill, Student Government, Honors and college credit classes etc, she struggled getting her reading done. The old testament was really a struggle for her.

I didn't know that the requirements to graduate had changed until I got a phone call one day stating that she was behind for the past two years of reading. When I got the recorded call, I spoke to one of the teachers and found out they had changed up the requirements but never notified the parents about it.

I then spoke to Princess Five about what I could do to help her get her reading done. We read a few times at dinner but for the most part, she just chose to get it done. She would listen to them when she couldn't read them and I would ask how it was going. She really had to push there at the end to get it done.

I am really proud of her for making the choice to finish her reading. She had so many things going on towards the end of the year that it could have slipped through the cracks but she made a serious effort to get it done. She even deleted all social media sites off her phone and had me put a block on it so she couldn't do searches on her phone which reminded her to use her time in a positive way.

She never did take the block off her phone and I think she is happier not being on social media as it can be a black hole. She really had to work and be dedicated to finishing and choosing to use her time more wisely. I am really proud of her for the choices she made. She has really grown so much this past year. I think all the trials she has had this year have made her stronger. I am proud of the woman she is becoming! I am blessed!

Have a Blessed Day! 

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