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Seven Herb Essiac Tea Recipe - Not That Hard To Make

If you are having health problems, seek medical advice! This isn't a treatment or cure and I don't make this for anyone or share it. I have used this on myself only. I am not suggesting or recommending this to anyone. I am just sharing MY story! This is something that helped me.

When Princess Two was a baby, I breastfed her. I ended up getting a very bad clogged duct and an infected breast. The mastitis caused purple lines and a hot red breast. I got it cleaned up with antibiotics but since then, I have always had a lump in that spot.

A few years back, the lump in that spot started to get bigger and bigger and then it started to hurt. If I would hug anyone on that side or bump that spot, it would hurt and I wasn't able to lay on my stomach as the pressure would cause pain on that side.

I had a few people recommend Essiac Tea. I read a book a few years before about a nurse in Canada, named Rene Caisse that got a recipe from a Native American medicine man. She saw the tea help many people and named the tea "Essiac" which is her name backwards. She refused to sell the recipe to big pharma as she wanted everyone to have it for free instead of the companies making money off it.

So, I had heard of the tea before and in all the documentation I read on it over the years, there were no negative reports of people taking it so I figured it couldn't hurt to try it.

I bought several bottles but they were near $100 a jar and they didn't last long so I started researching how to make it. I talked with a knowledgeable Chiropractor friend that I have known for 20 years and between the two of us and all the research I did, the following is what we came up with.  

I made it and took it for about six months and the lump went down and the pain went away. It was gone for years and recently, the lump is back. I know I am not the healthiest and with all the stress over the past year and the parasites, it doesn't shock me it has returned.

I made my first batch in a few years yesterday and thought I would share it with you. I saw results in the first week and much more in two weeks. I took 2 ounces in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 ounces at night before bed and didn't take any food for 30 minutes after taking the tea.

I increased the amount I was taking slowly up to five ounces morning and night over the six months. I also drank lots of water to flush out anything it was cleaning out of my system.

Essiac Tea 7 herb formula
Because I didn’t feel it was right to mix all the herbs together, this can’t be made ahead of time in a big batch like most Essiac recipes. I had to break the recipe down into small amounts so that it could be made in two gallon batches. Three of the herbs need more boiling than the other herbs to get it to release everything it needs to release. It also has to be heated twice as it releases more on the second boiling. I have it cut down to what I think is the closest measurements that I can without having a small scale that weighs part of an ounce accurately.

All the pots used are stainless steel or glass only. The spoon to stir everything is stainless only.
6 scant tablespoons of Burdock root. Put this in a coffee grinder and grind just before boiling.
3 scant tablespoons of Sheep Sorrel powder.
½ half scant teaspoon of Turkey Rhubarb powder
Bring 1 gallon of distilled water to a rolling boil. Turn down the heat so that when you add the powders, it won’t boil over. Pour in the above three ingredients and let it boil for 10 minutes.

The next three all boil for 8 minutes but in different pots so start them at the same time.

Pour ½ gallon of distilled water into a larger pan and bring to a boil. Turn the water down and add 6 scant tablespoons of Cats Claw Powder. Boil this for 8 minutes. I didn’t turn the water down the first time and it boiled over causing me to lose herb and water volume.

Pour ¼ gallon distilled water and when it is boiling in a stainless steel pot add 2 scant Tablespoons of Siberian Ginseng powder. Boil this for 8 minutes.
Pour 2 cups distilled water in a small stainless pot and bring to boil and then add 1 scant Tablespoon of Slippery Elm Powder. Boil this for 8 minutes.
Pour 2 cups distilled water into a small stainless pot and bring to boil. Once it is boiling, remove it from the heat and add 1 heaping teaspoon of Watercress Powder into it and let it sit. This herb needs to be added last and is more like a tea than the boiling herbs.

Once the pots have boiled for the right amount of time, turn them off and let them sit for six hours. Stir after six hours and let them sit for another six hours.

Mix them together in this order. Pour the Cats Claw into the Burdock mixture, then add the Siberian Ginseng, then the Watercress and then the Slippery elm. For some reason they need to be boiled separately to get the most out of the herbs and then added in that order for the chemical reactions to be right. (It was explained to me that you don’t just add all the bread ingredients at the same time because you need to have the chemicals react to each other.)
Bring the whole mixture to a boil. Turn it off and pour the mixture into sterile amber quart jars. To sterilize them you can
boil them for several minutes and then put the lids in hydrogen peroxide to get them clean. Put the lids on and let them cool. They should seal as they cool. Once opened, refrigerate. If you didn’t grind the root, you would have to strain the liquid but because it is a powder, straining it doesn’t do much. I ran out of amber quart jars and used quart canning jars and just kept them in a VERY DARK box until they were needed. Then refrigerated once open.
I took 2 oz on an empty stomach in the morning and before bed at night. Taking pancreatic enzymes along with the tea helped break down the outer coating on the lump. Don’t eat for at least 30 minutes after taking the tea.  
I read you can gradually increase to more if you can tolerate it. I was up to five ounces in the morning and at night with no problem. I noticed results in the first week and lots by the second week.

Once again, this is my story. I am not claiming it will work for anyone else. If you have any health problems seek medical attention!

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