Friday, June 16, 2017

Lighter Hair in Two Ways and On Stage Again

Princess Five has hit the ground running. She didn't waste any time after getting home from her two week tour. She is in the community play "Mary Poppins" and the practices are getting going in full swing and taking up time most week days. She is struggling as there aren't any speaking parts for teens in the play but I think she is a trooper as most that tried out have now stopped coming to practices as they are so time consuming with all the production numbers so who knows how many will still be in the play by the time it comes around. I am in it just for her as I have lots to do but feel it is something we can do together.

I was able to get to highlighting Princess Fives hair this week and also made it lighter by giving it a quick trim. When I say trim, I don't know another term for how little hair I took off as she loves how long her hair is but I took off about 1/3 of an inch tops. I would have liked to take off about four or five inches as her hair grows so fast and she is nearly sitting on it but it is what it is, BEAUTIFUL hair!
It is so thick and heavy that she pulls it up most days now that it is getting hot but she still loves it. I have to keep mine shorter as I get so hot during the summer working on the yard and house.

This summer is going to fly past with all we have going. I know it will be good as I am doing everything in my power to make it a memorable summer for Princess Five as it will most likely be her last at home. Most of the girls don't come back for summers as they have jobs at the school so I really am doing my best to spend any time I can with Princess Five.

I haven't worked on my mothers stuff since she got back from her trip so I really need to get working on that but you will be happy to know, or maybe not, but I am SUPER happy to have my laundry room put back together after our flood a few weeks back!

Princess Five was so excited as she can get into her bathroom again and we were both excited to be able to do washing as it has been two weeks since I did laundry other than one load the other day of non clothing items. She wasn't able to unpack her suitcase from the trip as I couldn't get into the laundry room to wash!

I am happy to share that we have done two loads of laundry as Princess has a date tomorrow night with a boy she really enjoys spending time with so before she heads off to college in a few months, I hope she fills her time with fun events like that. Tonight she went to a bon fire with a group, two nights ago, she had them here to watch a movie, and on and on.

In some ways it is her last summer to be a kid and I hope she takes advantage of it while she can. I remember my senior summer and have good memories of time spent with friends!

I shared one picture of her hair outside catching the light and one inside showing how the light really makes a difference when inside giving highlights when it is dark.

I hope as we are keeping so busy, that you are having a BLESSED Summer and Day!

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