Thursday, June 15, 2017

Flying High Princess Three

A week or so ago, Princess Three called me and said she wanted to inform me that she was going flying in a small plane.

She wanted my blessing I think as she had never been in a small plane and they can be dangerous, But, like I have said before to my girls many times, "You can die tripping down your front stairs, live your life!"

Of course I tell them to be safe and take precautions like wearing their seat belts and wearing helmets when biking etc but to not live life to the fullest because you fear things is not really living!

She has really been trying to "live" more and recently took a trip to Thailand where she rode an elephant and petted tigers. She is so cute that she always calls me before doing anything new and asks if I am "OK" with it.

There were a few times when she wanted to go long boarding and skiing that I had to tell her that she didn't have insurance and I didn't have the funds to treat her if anything went wrong so she avoided those things until she had insurance of her own.

Just last week, a girl from South America living near one of my girls went long boarding and cracked her skull open and has been in a coma. There are things to be said about playing safe, wearing helmets and not taking on things above your ability.

I always start out slow when skiing or water skiing until I get my skills back as I don't go often enough to just start on the black diamond runs!

Princess Threes boss was wonderful to take her flying and to let her take two friends so she would feel more comfortable. He didn't just take them up for a few minutes but a long flight to a destination of her choice!

She LOVED the flight and getting to feel the "wheel" move and experience a beautiful day of flying. She loved it! We are blessed with good friends!

Have a Blessed Day!

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