Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Princess Five Is Number One - Gold Medal Drill Down

This years dance has been a roller coaster for us. Princess Five couldn't dance at all for football season due to her car accident and shoulder damage. 

Her drill coach thought that she would be able to be in kick-line drill for competition and at the beginning we were hopeful but for some reason they just never put her in. Later, they put her in the military drill and she was in it for one competition and we were super excited that she was going to be able to at least dance in one of the three dances. 

She couldn't be in the dance drill due to them falling onto their hands at some points in the dance and her shoulder is still healing so she doesn't want to put pressure on it by falling onto her hands. 

Then, they changed the military routine and have the girls actually jump into a hanging situation and the girl holding the hanging girl has to hold them with their arms hanging down and the girls hanging hang on their shoulders, so it would put lots of pressure on her shoulder and she was worried it would hurt what healing she has had so she opted out of the dance due to those moves. 
It has truly caused us so much stress and emotional feelings as she LOVES to dance and I LOVE to watch her dance. 

There is one way Princess Five can shine even though she can't perform, she, like her sisters, follows instructions well and this has been an asset in the military drill down situation. All her sisters have taken medals for drill down at some point in their drill careers. 

Princess Four winning here.
Princess Three winning here.

There are a few other medal posts you can search if you want to see them.

I feel bad that because she hasn't been dancing at competitions, I haven't made the drive and effort to attend as it makes me sad to watch the team dance and knowing how much she wants to dance and then not being able to dance. 

The first competition, she came home and showed me that in the drill down, she placed and got a medal. I was so proud that even though she can't dance, she chose to participate and allowed herself to do well in what she could do well in. 

Then, she came home from a competition this last weekend with a gold medal. It was once again when I wasn't there. She was so excited to show me the medal and I was sad I wasn't there. I am so proud of her that she can excel in what she can even with her limitations. 

I can't believe how fast this year has flown and am sad that I will only have a few more months with her before she graduates. I am not sure what my life will be like when she graduates but am excited for her as I know she can do whatever she chooses for her life as she is amazing!

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