Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Flying Asian Princesses - 24 hours of Whirl

Today has probably been one of my most emotional days in months. I have a migraine so I know that isn't helping the situation but what a whirl it has been. 

Princess Three was flying home from Thailand today and Princess Four flew out for Japan today and they literally were in the air at the same time both to and from Asia! 

I woke at the time Princess Four left the training center for the airport. I didn't have an alarm set but I think my "mommy radar" must have been on as I woke and haven't been able to sleep since 4ish a.m. this morning. I haven't felt super all day with storms and some gallbladder issues but I have just been anxious all day. 

Princess Three missed her connecting flight adding hours onto her trip to arrive home and then she had a long drive home from the airport after flying for a day.

Princess Four had to leave at 4:10 a.m. and will arrive after 3 a.m. to her destination so she also will have been up and flying for a full day. 

I was SUPER stressed about Princess Four being able to take all the items in her luggage as she had to take so many warm coats, boots, gloves, wool socks, sweaters etc. When she left home, all three of her cases were overweight so I have really been nervous for her. 

She was able to call from the airport for 12 minutes this morning as they didn't have much time after checking in and security. She is wearing 6 skirts and leggins along with boots, a jacket and a long heavy coat as to be able to not be overweight on her luggage. One case was exactly 50 lbs. 

The other was 51 lbs and the carry-on has 20 lbs of books and personal items and weighs over 40 lbs and the pull handle broke on the way there due to it being so heavy so she has to bend to drag it or carry it. She was patted down at the airport due to her layered clothes and she was obviously sweating due to the layers and they told her they patted her down because she was sweating! Guess they thought she was sweating due to nerves or something.

I wanted to wait up for Princess Four to make sure she arrived in Tokyo safely and it was 1 a.m. when she called and I guess the calling card she used in the U.S. won't work there so some Japanese couple could see her phone card wasn't working and allowed her to call me from their cell phone and the number that showed up was restricted but of course I answered it first ring! 
She said she is SO excited to be there and is a bit anxious as it stressed her out not being able to use the phone card and then she realized she is in a foreign land and can't speak the language and didn't know how to ask for help so it gave her a little reality check I think. 
However, Heavenly Father is aware of her and where she is and she told me that she found a penny today, saw "111" over and over on the plane and airports, she started singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" without thinking and then smiled when she realized what she was singing. And, lastly, she had someone point out something they thought was interesting and name on it was my mothers last name! 
She said she felt that my mother was there helping her manage through it as it was stressful going through customs carrying three suitcases with a broken carry-on and the girl that was with her started yelling at her in frustration for a second before catching herself.
Princess Three let me know she arrived home safely. I hope that Princess Four will be able to call or email me in a few minutes that she has arrived safely in Sapporo and I am going to take some medication for my migraine which is getting worse by the second but I have been up for nearly 24 hours and been a bit stressed with the flying girls but in the end, I am SO grateful that they are safe and both being able to have wonderful experiences. Four of the five have now been to Asia! 

After I got off the phone with Princess Four, I walked into my room to blog and what screen saver was on my computer? The one at the top with Princess Four doing the pressed hand together pose. I figured maybe she knew something even back then. Her first choice of places she wanted to go was Japan so I think her Heavenly Father knew the wishes of her heart. I am SO grateful for my wonderful girls and the amazing people they have become. Truly, I am BLESSED!         

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