Friday, January 13, 2017

My Musical Grand-Princess One

This is one of the posts I shared that I wanted to post about a few weeks back.
Working on my mothers sorting and estate stuff, I didn't take the time to post it as I had to upload lots of short videos and I took them on my phone which makes them come up weird and only shows the center for some reason but that is how they come up on youtube when I use my phone for the video. 
When Grand-Princess One got to my house, she was tired and shy as it is a long drive and they stopped several times to feed the baby and eat, potty etc.

I tried to get her out of her shell using toys but she was overwhelmed by it all I think. So many people and decorations and it was near bed time etc. 
We had music going or something and she started tapping it out. Her mom said that she either leads the music with a "Leading stick" or she uses her hands to tap out the rhythm of songs.
I just happen to have my mothers leading wand as she directed choirs and at church so I gave her the "music leading stick" of my mothers and she knew what to do but with me having the camera out etc, I think she got a bit shy but she still did want to play with the stick so she shyly started leading.

The next day, she sat on the table with the musical books and read the one that she remembered from the year before somehow and I posted about that here. 

I sat for hours with her going through all the musical books we have: A Disney Christmas, A Pooh Christmas, Favorite Carols, etc that would play songs as you read the pages and pushed the right "symbol" for the page. When we would finally finish, she would start over with the "reading" books that I show in the post link above.

After the books, she would pull down all the musical stuffed animals that I keep on the back of the couch and we played with those while she danced and / or tapped the music out as you can see in the top video. 

Next, she would pull out the train and she would come sit on my lap when it was nearest me, then she would get up and run around to the other side when it was "flipping" the track over and then run back to sit on me etc over and over. My mother gave all her children one of those trains when our kids were little and it is a tradition. It is one of the only decorations I have that I use from before my divorce as all the kids remember it from my mom. 
Next, she would go to where I keep the instruments and would gather them from all over the room and line them up on the end of the table and play them in order. We got to hear many concerts as she kept gathering more and more instruments and played them. Her favorite was the bell as she liked the noise it made and she got to use two hands to play it.

I have shared how she likes to group things and will take the couch pillows off of all the couches and chairs and put them together. She is VERY organized in her thinking that all the instruments need to be together so she gathered the horns and the rest and was SO adorable.

I have a drawer full of musical instruments that she can play and she loved the maracas as she did last year as well. She would carry them around the house and I would find them different places. My favorite picture is this last one of her with the horn on her nose. I kept playing one and she would try to play the other but then flipped it around and used it like a megaphone. It was truly precious.

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