Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Finding Treasures in Sorting - Family History

I found the best treasures in the past few days. I found several pictures of myself that I have never seen and lots and lots of family pictures I have never seen before. 
I found pictures of my mother as a beauty queen that I haven't seen before as well. I spent the entire day today sorting another bin. 

I have thrown out lots of "copies" of the same thing and am only keeping one of each thing so I can scan them and then distribute originals to my siblings so that we don't have to "store" them anymore. There are thousands of pictures and I am so excited to be getting things sorted and organized. Even though I know there is so much more to do, I can see an end....
Maybe not for a long time, but I know that when I get each of these bins sorted, there won't be any more to take their place. Before, we kept sorting and it seemed like I would sort one and two would take its place. 
Having things get "off" the list is so wonderful. I think once I get it all organized and scanned, it will be super easy to find things, documents, pictures, histories etc.  
I am not sure why these pictures posted sideways but I am tired and I am not going to take the time to figure it out. It was fun for me to show Princess Five these pictures. Most of my pictures were in a box I hadn't pulled out in over 15 years so she had never seen them before. 
I found the picture at the top which I hadn't seen before. It is me in my body cast when I cut my finger off when I was a toddler. Here is a link about that. 
The next photo of me is very "preppy" and then the one of me in the pink jumper was the day I left LA for New Zealand as an exchange student for a year. The picture after that is the day I got home from New Zealand a year later. 
The sweater I was wearing was one of the first things I ever knit. Here is a link about learning to knit. In the next picture, I am holding my first nephew right after I got home. I am wearing the first dress I made on my own in New Zealand out of wool. 

I look at it now and think I didn't do a very good job but it is one of the only things I have kept that I made. All of my girls have worn the dress for 80's day at school. Here is a link to Princess Four wearing it. The next picture is my graduation from High School.
The next few photos are of my wedding. I don't think that most of my girls have ever seen my wedding pictures. I didn't hire a professional photographer so I have an album but no pictures hung while they grew up. I think I probably knew I wouldn't want to look at them as I wasn't happy from the start. 
This picture is me holding my first niece. I am excited to get the pictures organized so that I can scan them and get them to the people in the pictures as I don't think some of my siblings have many pictures of their childhood so I think their children would be excited to see their parent as a child.  
I wanted to post our Christmas events but I've been spending so much time with this over the holiday break that I want to get this done before getting back to regular life. The piles are getting better, the bins are getting organized and I have two larger bins to go and am hoping I can get them done tomorrow. 

Thanks for being patient while I get this project off my "list!"


  1. If you weren't happy from the start, why did you have so many kids??

    1. I believed that divorce wasn't an option and kept trying to make it work. I believed in the "forever" aspect but perspective changes things. I have been happier single than I ever was married but still believe that marriage is sacred and hope that someday I may experience a happy union....