Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Table Full Of Pictures - Modeling For Years

My day didn't go as planned as I was hoping to get through two bins but I was able to get through one. 
It seems like I should be able to get through more than one bin but now that I'm getting down to all keep-able stuff that just needs organizing, and then scanning, it seems to be taking more time than the initial few sorts. 

Today's bin had files of documents for each of my siblings and some for my mothers brothers. I kept them years ago thinking I would scan them before giving them to each person but truly, I don't think everyone needs documents and dates for each person so I am going to mail them out and am excited to clean out another bin.  
I called my sister asking about how many more bins she had in the garage and basement to see how many more bins I may need to combine and sort. She said she didn't have time to dig them out so I am just going to do what I have and pray there aren't many more  there. (I wrote that and then read my emails and she had her kids helped her dig them out and it sounds like there is one more bin full of pictures of my mothers life not with the family so I may see if I can find someone that could pick them up and bring them to me if they are coming my way anyway so I can get this done! )

I still have LOTS of newspaper articles that need organizing but I want to deal with that once I get the pictures and documents organized, scanned, and distributed to my siblings so that we can each have some originals. 

I am going to call my brother today and see, but I think I remember them having a few bins from my mothers estate so I really want to make sure that I have everything before I start scanning. I only want to scan one more big push on the pictures to finish that and then I can work on the newspaper articles.

I found a few fun pictures today in my "file" from years ago as I had one for my family as well as my siblings. 

Going through it, I found some fun pictures but wouldn't you know, I found two pictures dealing with "The Wizard of Oz" which of course has the song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in it which is the song that my mother sang to us every night when I was young. We sang the song at her funeral and I see things or hear songs about rainbows often since my mothers death. Here is the first post about that.    

My mother had so many pictures for modeling and there are so many different outfits and poses per photo shoot that it took hours to sort. I didn't do any pictures prior to her pageant years and I didn't do any of her "Queen" year so these pictures were all after she was 20. I had no idea how many pictures she really had. 

These are only individual pictures of my mother for acting and modeling. There are lots of other stacks of pictures for her choirs, travels, professional shoots/modeling and family along with all the pageant pictures.  

Truly, I am getting excited that these things are getting organized and I hope I can find a good scanner and get this done quickly. It has taken years to get to this point and hope I can be done with this soon.

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