Friday, January 20, 2017

Rollercoaster Week For Princess Five - National Anthem

I got a text today that brought a smile to my face. Princess Five got to sing the national anthem at the game tonight. 
The past few weeks, she has been struggling with not being able to dance in any of the competition dance routines. It has also been a very horrible few weeks weather wise and I have been struggling with headaches and the bins of sorting stuff. 
It hasn't been sunny and shiny and I haven't been "there" as much due to working so hard on getting the sorting done. 

With all that, I was brought back to last year when my mother was living with us at this time and Princess basically had to compete against my mother for attention. 

I realized that the past few years have been rough for her. I feel like even though my mother is gone, she is still competing with her for attention as there is so much of my mother's stuff still around.  

Yet, she is happy doing what she can do and being understanding of my time going to so many other things. I love her positive outlook. 
She asked if she could sing the anthem at tonight's game and got her friend to sing with her and she has chosen to support her dance team when they dance and she still supports the cheerleaders that she cheered with for two years. 

And, to keep herself involved, she plays the tambourine with the band. It was supposed to be a "black out" game where everyone wore black but I don't think many got the message so she wore black to show school spirit but as you can see, maybe half of the band wore black. 
She is just so amazing to me and so supportive of when I don't feel well and when I have missed supporting her in things, she is understanding and I LOVE that she finds the good to see in others and in situations. I love that she goes "all in" in everything she does! I am blessed!        

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