Monday, January 30, 2017

Letter Two From Japan - I Miss My Sunshine~

Here is the first letter from Japan with pictures. It is good to see her smiling face and everyone looks happy. The descrition of the pictures is near the bottom. Here is her letter:

" Good Morning Starshine!!! The earth says hello!! Hello you beautiful children of God!

Japan is so fun! I love it so much! Nihon dai suki desu. I love Japan!

Miracles of the week:
On Monday, we were contacting a previous investigator. She said she didn`t have have time  for the gospel. Which isn't true because if you make time for the Lord, he makes time for you! But you know, she has free agency, and we still love her! On the way back I felt like we should ping a house(The doorbell sound here is `ping pong` according to everyone, so that is adorable) We weren't out pinging. I felt like we should ping it before, but we were on our way to visit the previous investigator. It wasn't like a huge screaming feeling. More of an `eh, why not` feeling. A woman talked to us through the door. My companion started by saying we were from America. I couldn't understand anything, so I just crouched down, and talked to the little girl standing next to her mom. We gave her an English Class(Eikaiwa) pamphlet. After we left I asked what the lady said. She said that she usually doesn't answer the door. she asked if we were from a church by her house, but we told her where our church was. She said her friend (her friend is a nonactive member) is a member, and that she comes to Eikaiwa with her kids! We weren't able to have Eikaiwa this week because of mission tour, so I don't know if she will come to Eikaiwa with her kids or not, but that experience meant a lot to me. My companion started freaking out about my bean power (as in green bean... as in I'm still less that 2 transfers old... Mission lingo you know?) Seirei( the Holy Ghost) totally guided that one. Nothing may come of it, but who knows! It still meant a lot to me. Yay pinging!!
Another cool thing that happened on Tuesday. We got on a bus, and there just happened to be four senior boys sitting behind us. We could hear them say things like,`Talk to them in English` And boy did they talk. They invited us to eat with them.... Mind you, I have no idea what is being said really....... My companion asked if we could bring our friends.. aka the Elders. They said that was fine. So we all went out for Ramen. My first Ramen in Japan. Fun fact. One of the boy`s names was Tiger... So that was legit. Another fun fact. Japanese names are so hard to remember, but that`s OK! The boys asked us if we had boyfiends.. We said no. They also asked why we are called Shimai. #dendo They really liked us at first, and then they liked the Elders. That, Folks, is what I call a catch and release. hahaha We met some of their teammates last night at the train station. We asked if they knew our new friends. They said they did, and that we ate dinner with them. So you know. We were the hot topic of the boys soccer team in Muroran Japan. We gave them an Eikaiwa flyer (They talked to us two times) . But that was still crazy awesome!

I was also feeling sad at church because I cant understand anything. But we went out and dendoed... guess who got real happy real fast? It was Me!!!!! Man. Spreading the gospel is so happy, friends! When people would tell me that, they weren't even lying.

We also talked to a CHRISTIAN AMERICAN! Him and his wife are very firm in their Religion which was too bad, because some of their beliefs were so close to being correct and happy, but they were a little different, and sad. He believes we will change when we go to heaven. Like we wont recognize each other, and we wont have set families. But just so you all know, We will recognize each other. We will be the same spirits in heaven that we are on earth. Families are important, and we can be sealed together with them for eternity in the temple.

We also got to hear from Prisident Yamashita who spoke in conference about being ambitious in Christ. My companion totally bought a mini statue/wooden figurine we keep on our phone, of the statue he talks about in conference. Feel free to go listen to that. IT WAS SO GOOD! His conference talk confirmed my testimony of the Book of Mormon, and the Church being true.  On Saturday when he spoke to us, we sat on the front row. He stared me down and pointed at me, and called me out multiple times. We were probably best friends in heaven or something. He had me stand up and tell everyone the first line in PMG of the lessons, `God is our loving Heavenly Father` in Eigo and Nihongo... So that was cool. I also did my first origami! It is a mouth that opens and closes! So Ill send pictures of that next week! Remember to open your mouths, and I promise, the scriptures promise, and the Lord promises that it will be filled. 

Description of Pictures:
1 - President and his wife.
2 - I loved my trainer Shimai from the start.
3 - Me totally guessing correctly that I would be serving in Muroran
4 - Nato.... I can't explain it well so google it, but I'm pretty sure it's fermented soy beans.... Not my most favorite thing clearly...
5 - Mission tour with Yamashita  Kaicho. He spoke in this last conference. His talk at conference made a big impact on my testimony so I fan girled pretty hard.
Choose to have a week that is as beautiful as you are! 
Ai Shiteimasu! Kyokai wa Shinjitsu desu! I love you! The church is true!
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Isn't she just the cutest and happiest missionary around! 

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