Monday, January 16, 2017

Yet Again - More Sorting...

I wrote two weeks ago for an entire week how I was sorting pictures from my mothers estate and  got them put into files and organized. 

Last week, I was able to talk my sister into digging out the bins that she stored under her stairs of my mothers stuff that we "pre" sorted and put into bins by category. I had a niece that was able to bring the main four bins with documents and pictures to my home a week ago. 

I can't believe that I have worked on it straight for a full week and still haven't even looked into two of the bins. They are taking FOREVER! This past week, I've been sorting the bins of "pageants before her big national year" and "National pageant winner by month of winning year!" 

They have taken so much time due to the the hundreds of news articles about her. She hired a news clipping service for the year and we have the same article (or slightly different) from 40 different papers or more from around the world. Some are even in different languages. 

Let me share that these are NOT her pictures of the year. Those had been sorted, organized about seven years ago and then scanned about 5 years ago. But, now I need to type up the story that my mom wrote on sticky notes on the pictures and then scan the pictures in order with the letters, documents, news-papers, and tickets etc so that we can just go to "homecoming queen" and find all news articles on it along with the pictures, programs, and anything else that goes along as she has letters every week from / to her parents, agents etc. 

I do have a small pile of stuff I want to scan first that needs to go into her book so I can finish editing the book and get it into publishing before I spend the time to finish organizing the rest of it and before taking the time to scan thousands of documents and pictures. I know that it will take forever to scan all the items and we really need to get the book done so that is my goal. I am truly working night and day to get these bins sorted to the point where there is only ONE good copy of all the newspaper articles and one copy of anything else and they are all sorted by date and relevance. 

I am falling asleep at the computer which has only happened once or twice in at least 6 months so I know I need to sleep. I pray I can finish this all soon. Good Night!

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