Friday, August 7, 2015

Crazy Month and Moving Day Recoup

I shared yesterday, in my post, about moving Princess Four back into her college apartment. I should have waited to post about that with the pictures I took and to write about camping with the pictures of the funny eyes. I am just still so tired and trying to recuperate from the month of July. 

It was such a busy month that I can't seem to recoup. I woke with a headache which lets me know there will be rain and I took stuff all day for it. I show a picture at the bottom of this post showing that all the girls camp decorations and activities are still boxed up in my family room as I haven't had time to put them away. 

I really wish I had more energy. I am still fighting the parasites I have and had to take a week off the medication as I am losing my hair. That is one of the side effects of toxicity. I started taking just one of the medications again this past week and my hair is still falling out but I don't dare not take the medication as the parasites are going strong.

At camping this week, my step sister said she had an uncle that died from Thread Worm. That really made me think again about how many things are going on with my body. I have been so busy and I am sure the stress is not helping the situation.

Driving the trailer home late last night, I could barely see. It really scared me that everything was so blurry. Even if I did get glasses, they would be obsolete as my eyes are changing so quickly and things are not getting any better. 

I have been spraying colloidal silver in my eyes every morning and night and that did seem to help some. I would wake up with goo in my eyes after sleeping on it and I think it was killing them off but I think since I took a week off, things got worse again. What was better is now back to the worst. 

I haven't had any flashing lightning bolts in my eye again but my eyes are acting as they did when that happened so I am praying that I will find something to help. 

I am continuing with the silver in the eyes as it did help and praying that I can soak my hands more to keep the worms down. 
Soaking take so much time and effort that I have only been doing it once a week or so. It is painful and does cause a rash from killing off the normal flora if I soak too frequently so I haven't done it more often.
I hope things get better in the next week or two as things calm some. My feet are so swollen again and won't go down. It has been about a month that they are swollen to the point of pain. I can't even have the girls rub them as they are extremely painful when touched as they are so swollen. 
I am still trying to fight the fight but also need to live the life. I loved spending time with my girls and family this week. I hope I have many more years of activities with them! 

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