Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's a Pirates Life For Me -Aaarrrr

Last weekend was VERY busy and hectic. I was staying with Princess Two. I was headed to a reunion and got ready, packed the car and headed out and dropped a glass vase and broke it just outside the house on the porch that had fake grass carpet on it so there were shards everywhere. I was frustrated as it was hot and I had just gotten ready to leave. I spent 40 minutes picking it up, finding a vacuum and cleaning off the glass. 

I was hot and sweaty and needed to go to a store to get a refund and got a bit lost. I happened to pass a yard sale sign and felt like I needed to go. I hurried the car over to turn down the street and about a mile down on the left, I see a pirate skeleton sitting up against a table. I laughed while pulling over. 
I rushed over asking how much it was since we are doing that for camp. I then see a “Treasure Chest” jewelry box and it is PERFECT for what I wanted as I want to put a picture of Christ in it as he is the real “treasure.” 
I paid her $5 for the both and as I am picking it up, I see two beanies under the pirate. I laughed as God is so funny as I needed a few more beanies for our "sailors" bags for camp and totally forgot and would have gone without! 

I then saw, “The ultimate gift" that was wrapped and new and thought, "He is giving me this gift!" There was also a new Scrabble game. I bought them to use as a wedding gift. 

I paid $10 for a candelabra, new game and movie, 2 new beanies, skeleton pirate and treasure chest jewelry box and she threw in some jewelry to decorate it with! I KNOW I had to be flustered and late to get that! What a blessing! 
When I got home, I glued on the glass handles that had come off the jewelry chest. I then remembered that I had purchased some swords at a yard sale a few years ago for Princess Three as she LOVES Zelda and Lord of the Rings. 
I pulled them out of the closet and we used them for our pirate pictures that we took of each girl for their "passport" songbook. I'll post about those later. 

I love when things come together just when you need them. I know God blesses me when I am doing things to help others!

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