Monday, August 10, 2015

Making Your Deck into a Tall Ship or Pirate Ship with Sails - Part 1

I wanted to show you how cute the decorations are that we made for girls camp. I showed the other decorations in the video as well. I will show more of the decorations through the week and explain more how I made the decorations. 

We were staying at a cabin near a lake for our girls camp this year. Our theme was "Live Life Anchored." 

You can see some of the things I made for camp over the last few weeks including a beach bag drawstring backpack, sweats, and key chains

I visited the cabin before going to camp so I could get an idea of the space we had and how to decorate it. 

I was thrilled to see that there was a deck as I thought it would be wonderful to make it into a ship. 

We weren't sure if we wanted to make it into a pirate ship or a tall ship. Either way, I wanted to make it into a ship with sails. 
We already had an anchor from the beginning of the year theme so I wanted to put it down at the bottom of the deck to make it look like you are looking up at the ship.  

The day I went to decorate for camp, it was hot and there was a misunderstanding and there were people still in the cabin so I started decorating outside as they wouldn't be leaving until our girls were to arrive around noon. I had to do most of the decorating alone as the group was doing their hike. 

It was hot and I was overwhelmed and I had just started pulling things out of the car as I could only decorate the outside of the building because the others hadn't left yet. Feeling a bit discouraged, I looked down and right there on the rocks in front of me was a dime. I knew then that everything would be "OK" as God always lets me know with coins that I need to trust in Him.
It was a long hot day but the dime was such a wonderful blessing of the day. I'll share more through the week.     

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