Monday, September 12, 2011

Duct Tape Crafts - Gloves

This week I thought I would focus on Duct Tape Crafts. It is so popular now that I figured I have enough things the girls make that I can fill a week.

I have a niece that came up with this fun fingerless glove made out of duct tape. All the cousins liked hers so much that they asked her to make them one.

She first took the tape and made a glove on the inside with the sticky tape part facing out. She measures the hand and makes it over the person's hand. She wraps the tape around their hand backwards so that the inside isn't sticky at all. She lets them pick the inside color and the outside color and an accent color.

She bought herself all the different colors of Duct Tape that she could find and then started making things.

We had a fun girls night a few months ago where we all put mud masks on each other and danced around and they all had their fun gloves on. I got the cute picture at the top when they all had them on.

Once my niece has the inside made, she then takes the cuter tape and uses it to make the outside of the glove. She covers anywhere that is sticky at all with the cute tape. Then, once the glove is made, she uses the accent color to make a ridge and edge to cover all the rough edges where the two colors come together.

She cuts it down the side and uses a full piece of tape down the outside to hold it together after fitting it on the person after the final fit.

One of the girls didn't like the colors after using it for sometime and so my niece just put another layer on it using a different color of tape so she could just add different layers depending on the mood.

The kids wear them different places. Princess number five went to a party this weekend and wore her glove. At the party, they made some cute things I will post about tomorrow!


  1. I want your duct tape!!!! Where did you buy it?

    1. Most of the Duct Tape was from WalMart or Ace hardware. One or two may have been from Kmart as they have a few the other places didn't have but I wait for Ace to have their sale where it is $2.50 and then take the add to walmart for them to price match. If Ace doesn't have what I want, I buy several colors I don't want and return them in exchange for ones I do want at other places.