Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dehydrated Yogurt - Nuts and Cranberries

Ok, so I tried something similar to the dehydrated pickles this week. The food bank (I volunteer there on the board) had 6 pallets of yogurt delivered and had no way to give it all out. When this happens, they call me and ask if I can help give it away before they have to throw it away or give it to the pig farmers.

I went down and have filled my car about 4 times in the past week distributing it to neighbors and friends. I was telling my sister about this when she mentioned that she had attended a class where they dehydrated yogurt. I mentioned this to my friend Julie whom I have mentioned several times on this blog.

She had a bit more time than I since her kids are raised and gone. She tried it and brought me some over. She used the fruit leather trays and put a tablespoon sized dollop on and flattened it some. The result was interesting. It had the texture of rubber but the taste of yogurt. I liked the taste but not the texture. That was the consensus of all who tried them.

I had the thought that perhaps if the yogurt was placed on something like pretzels or almonds that they would taste better. I had some raw almonds and some dried cranberries that I thought I would try. I dumped a hand full into the yogurt and stirred it in. I then placed them onto the fruit leather tray spaced apart so they wouldn't stick to each other. I let them dehydrate over night and by mid day, I had yogurt covered almonds.

They turned out OK but the yogurt cracked on them so they didn't look very pleasing to the eye and the cranberries having some moisture dried sticky and are the dark colored one's on the tray. I doubt my kids would even try the cranberries. I ate all the almonds just because they were there but I didn't think they were exciting enough to put energy into making. The yogurt covered nuts they sell must have yogurt flavoring in white chocolate or something because mine didn't look or taste anything like the store bought variety.

I would suggest that you try it as you may like them more than I did. I also am a bit leery of the dehydrated yogurt drops being left out as they have dairy in them. They would probably be fine but I put them in the fridge just to be safe. If you come up with a better way to do it or maybe try a different type, let me know. I used Greek yogurt that is growth hormone free.

Thanks to the companies and the food banks for sharing the excess. My friends, children and neighbors are grateful!

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