Friday, April 14, 2017

The Purse Guardian - Key Keeper - THINK

I was at a second hand store today and ran into a lady that I  see shopping there regularly. She reminds me of my mother as she dresses and has a similar build as my mother in her later life. The biggest thing that reminds me of my mother about this woman is her personality. She is always smiling, happy and kind to others.

I told her today that she made a great impression on me the last time that we visited. We were talking and a man came up behind her trying to get past us. He was dressed in dirty baggy clothes that were not in the best condition and he looked homeless. He said, "Excuse me" and was trying to get past us.

She said, "For fifty cents, I'll let you pass." in a joking way. He said, "I don't have any change" or something and she said, "Well then, I'll let you pass for a hug!"

I thought to myself, why would she ever want to hug that man? I couldn't think of myself even wanting to get near that man as you assume he would have a smell.

She didn't give him a half hearted hug, she pulled him right in and gave him a wonderful real hug. I thought that man probably hasn't had a hug like that in years. He wasn't a very old man either, maybe late 20's or early 30's.

She made such an impression on me that day. I vowed to try and be better. I used to be very closed off and not give anyone but family hugs. Now, I give everyone that are friends and family hugs, but am not really open to hugging strangers or acquaintances.

Today, I shared with her what an impact her being so free to love others and not judge had on me. My mother was exactly the same way. She loved drug addicts, homeless, movie stars, immigrants and kings. She truly just loved people no matter who they were. She would make everyone feel that they have value. No question. She would get them to tell their story and where they came from and acted like everyone's story was so interesting and ask them questions for more details which showed she was really listening. She was just kind to everyone that way.

My mother died a year ago this week and I feel like I got a hug from her today as this woman hugged me super tight. We parted and then I ran into her again in another section of the store and this time another lady was standing near us and overheard our conversation and I was telling them about the ShakeGenie that I posted about on here a few months back. I wrote down the name of the item and the website so she would be able to find it when she got home. It is the all in one yogurt maker that makes a gallon of milk into fresh probiotic shakes overnight.

When we finished, she pulled out a handful of karabiners and asked me to pick one. I had no idea why so I picked a yellow one. She then showed me what they are for. She said that she keeps one on her purse so that if anyone tries to take her purse out of the shopping cart while she is shopping, they would have to take the entire cart. She just clips her purse to the cart by leaving the karabiner on the purse strap.

I thought it was a great idea and she offered the lady that had joined our conversation one as well. The woman asked if she could pay her for the Karabiner and the giving lady just asked for a hug. Of course it was a huge bear hug. I asked them if I could take some pictures for my blog so I could share this great idea and they both agreed.

I left the store feeling so great. I thought how easy it is to make others feel good and better about their day. This woman gave me a hug when I needed one from my mom and brought a smile to my face with her bright attitude.

When I got home, I put the purse on the counter which I never do so I could take a picture of the karabiner and thought, "That would be a great thing for my keys so I don't have to dig in my purse or pockets for them at home or the store." I got out all the extra karabiners I had in the drawer and found a black one as I would rather have it match and I screwed the keychain ring to the actual purse handle so that the karabiner part was able to just clip my keys on easily and then at the store, you can clip it onto the cart.

I made a short video of the idea as well as I think it is a great idea for anyone, especially young mom's whose little ones may distract her from seeing someone near her purse. When I was about 9, someone stole my mothers purse when I was watching it for her. They took it right out of the shopping cart. I quickly ran and told my mother and we chased them out of the store and my mom confronted them as they were getting into their car and they drove off. Due to us getting their license plate, we were able to press charges and I had to testify at their trial.

Of course there isn't a trial just for stealing a purse, but the guy had beaten someone at a park while robbing them so they combined our testimony with those of others about the character of the person. We never got our money back but I can't help feel that the situation maybe saved others from the same fate.

You just never know when something like that can happen so I thought the clipping it to the shopping cart idea was great.

I saw this sign at the store while shopping and it made me "think" of this lady and my mother. The sign said the following:

Before you speak - THINK

T - Is it True?
H - Is it Helpful?
I  - Is it Inspiring?
N - Is it Necessary?
K - Is it Kind?

I need to be better at this all the time. I think I posted about how I realized a few weeks back that I would say things and think I was helping someone by giving advise or something and later realized that it was offensive. Or to my kids, give them advise but make them feel like maybe their idea was bad if I suggested something else. I apologized to my family for doing this if it ever offended them and have been trying to be aware of what I am saying or suggesting now. Even if it is a better idea or a better way to do something, it isn't worth offending someone. I try and say, "Would you be open to a suggestion?" now rather than just jumping in with my thoughts as if they don't want advice, at least if you ask, they have an option to say "no" to you before you give your thoughts. 

Have a BLESSED day!

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