Friday, April 7, 2017

Family Photo Shoot - Not So Recent

Back in September or October before Princess Four left for her mission, we decided we had better take a family picture.

We got all ready and went to a sod farm and had someone take some pictures of our family. It was super windy so the girls hair was all over their face.

I tried to take their picture with my camera as a "new" photographer was helping take our picture as well. It was a crazy thing. She was learning about light, shadows, posing, and I was doing my best to get some good shots in between babies crying, wind gusts and clouds and my broken camera.

We had to keep moving to keep our faces in the wind but the babies kept crying as the wind took their breath away

Princess Two was super funny and wanted a picture of just her with all her sisters. I don't think anyone would have thought about doing that but since she is so full of life and has always loved pictures, she got us all thinking about it. She wanted something different with each sister.

You can see that she clearly enjoyed getting some pictures with her sisters. I will have to post more of our family another day but I had another busy day and just couldn't take the time to blog what I had planned so I figured you could enjoy some of these adorable pictures.  

Princess Four has been struggling with not being able to figure out how to send her emails again so we haven't had any emails from her in a few weeks.

I sent her a package and I haven't heard if she got the package but hope that we get three emails from her this next week. It only seems that we can get emails if she replies to our emails. For some reason, when she writes a new one, she can't make it work.

She had problems with emails at the beginning of her mission but for the past few weeks, it is happening again. I pray we hear this week.

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