Friday, April 28, 2017

A Day Full of Little Things - Getting Things Done

I love how you think when you get up that you are going to get stuff done, then life happens and what you had on your list doesn't get done.

Days like that are frustrating but on the flip side, there are days where you check lots of stuff off "the list" and I feel like I got so much done even if the things on the list were all little things.

Today was a bit of both worlds on that front. I was asked about five months ago to print up an 8 x 10 picture for my dad and his wife to go on their wall as they wanted current photos of all their families up as a type of "brag wall."

I planned on getting right on that and it wasn't until this week, I was cleaning out some of my emails, when I realized that I had NOT gotten on that and hadn't printed it up. There have been so many things needing my attention that usually the most pressing gets done. I hate living like that and actually listened to a tape my mother made last night where she was getting counsel on picking out only the MOST important things as she was spreading herself thin taking care of 8 kids and the home and community as well as serving in her church.

I really liked the suggestions that she was given on how to prioritize but when I look at my life, it seems like most of the things I am dealing with aren't things I can have much say over. I admit my mom's stuff, I could throw it away, pay someone to store it for another ten years etc. However, that DOESN'T take it off my list! To me, it is just avoiding the horrible. It has been in the back of my mind as a constant weight hanging over me. There is no one in my family that will do it and even when I ask for help, most don't want to and find excuses as to why they can't help.

One would think me being a single parent would get me out of the brunt of it but I know my mind is built differently than others. I don't see things the way others see them. I am a sensitive spirit and just "know" things many times that others don't see or get. With that, I often can pick out flaws in plans, ideas, etc and make suggestions to correct the problems before they become issues. Also being a nurse, I see were situations can arise so I have been made fun of when people say, "If you want to know what could go wrong, ask her."

You have to take the good with the bad. I do see all the situation and "what could go wrongs" but, I also see others needs, how we could simplify situations and work problems by finding an easier way to do things. I take out the flaws and paint a perfect picture so when people view something, they can enjoy it. I explain it like this: If you went to a museum and everything was beautiful except it smelled like fish, how much would you enjoy your visit?

I like to do everything I do to the best of my ability making it a "whole" experience. So, I may take a bit longer to sort before scanning but in the end, we can find what we need by going to the files of "work, pageants, childhood, singing, modeling, teaching...." etc.  If I did it by year, who knows where that one certificate for teaching would be and what year. I have wasted many hours looking through thousands of scans because there is no organization to it all.

By taking the time to sort it by category, now, you can open a file, go to about the year you think the event happened and sort through a few hundred scans rather than 10,000 scans.

With that, I find myself overwhelmed sometimes not knowing where to start. I shared how just sorting through one cupboard or drawer a day has helped me get through things one little piece at a time. I find that I can't look at the entire pie and think I can eat it in one setting but over a few days, I could surely finish a pie.

Today, I took lots of little things off the "to do" list but can't say that I ate any of the pie! I finally printed the 8 x 10 for my dads house. I finished writing birthday and Mothers Day cards, baby shower gifts, helped Princess Five get ready for her last girls choice date of high school, framed a picture of my girls that was taken 9 months ago, and best of all, I got to enjoy my bunko friends and Princess Five as she got to sub in my group tonight. I had a great dinner with great friends and best of all, I was able to win a prize that Princess Two has wanted for some time. I was super happy to get the prize and already put a bow on it for her birthday which is coming up.

Sometimes, you have to put the pie in the fridge and know it will still be there in the morning and just enjoy the day and get to bed earlier than if you dug into the pie!

I had a good day and yet, really didn't take anything off the list but it was still a good day. I hope you have a BLESSED DAY!

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