Monday, April 24, 2017

Garage Door Upadate Three Years Later - Still Shiny and Great

I have gotten a few requests over the years from people to know how my garage door held up with the Teak oil on it. There are some that also ask how my trailer did with the teak oil coating I put on it.

Here is the original post where I show using the teak on my garage door.

Three years ago now, I had a cool experience where a man shared with me how I should use teak oil on my trailer as I was trying to figure out how to wax it.

There are links on that post to all the original videos on how I cleaned the door which was covered with minerals from the sprinklers hitting it for about 25 years. It took us lots of time to get all the minerals off the door, but once we did, the teak oil was much quicker than wax.

I also have links on that post to how I used the mineral spirits to clean the trailer on the dirty spots and used the Teak Oil on the trailer. I would show pictures but we haven't used the trailer as I didn't go Easter camping this year so it is in storage off site so pictures wouldn't be the easiest to get but we are headed camping to the lake this summer so I will try to get some update pictures if I remember then.

When I was coming home tonight, I was at a concert and had my camera with me and when I pulled in, I thought it was wonderful that the garage was still shiny after so much time. I thought I would make a short video showing that it was still shiny after three years. I couldn't remember actually how many years so I had to come in and look up the post but the trailer was about this time three years back so yahoo for it looking so good after three years of no attention.

I probably should give it a good wash with a hose and sponge and put on a second coat just to keep it looking good but it isn't like there is oxidation and color change but just dust from the dirt lot that is next to my home and we have LOTS of wind so there is dirt in the door but I bet just using the hose would take the majority of it off.

I have a window next to the garage that has siding surrounding it and I have had it on my list for years to get the minerals off that siding and teak oil it but I still haven't gotten to it. Not that I have been busy or anything. ;-)

I am very happy about the door and how it still looks and feel like all the work getting the minerals off was worth it and the teak oil is seriously one of my favorite "home" items as it works on so many things!

I am so grateful for the man that took the time to share his wisdom with me about boats and how to use teak oil on fiberglass, wood, and metal as needed! What a blessing to me and others that advice has been. Have a BLESSED Day!


  1. Did your post title remind me of this song? Yes, yes it did! SHINY!