Thursday, April 6, 2017

Not the Best News As Of Late - More Lung Damage

I went in for testing recently as my lung damage has seemed worse. I have really emphysema type breathing and wheezes when I laugh or do moderate exercising.

He wanted to see where my lungs were compared to my last chest x-rays two years ago and to see where my pulmonary function was compared to the one two years back.

I was a bit scared to find out how much more damage there is in my lungs as it makes me wonder how long I can survive with these little parasites growing in my lungs.

I wish the same Dr. that read the first x-ray read the second and compared the two but they aren't as clear as the first x-rays.
I don't have the pulmonary function test paperwork but they called telling me that my PFT showed that my lungs have declined by ten more percent.

My Dr. wants to put me on inhalers but in researching about steroids, they help at first but then eventually make the situation worse. I don't want to take any chances as they did make me feel worse after the last test so I refused those. Here is a link to a site that explains what happens when taking steroids for thread worm which is the closest worm to the symptoms of the horsehair nematomorpha parasite that I have been diagnosed with 

I will probably share the results when I actually get the documentation but it was sad news and stressed me out. I really need to find someway to kill these stupid things off. I am still getting people writing me daily asking for help with these things. 

At some point, science will need to acknowledge them! I pray it is soon.


  1. Have you tried directly contacting scientists involved in the ongoing study of Nematomorpha? I have read several accounts by scientists that state that there are no known human infection cases (the ones in the throats and vomit do not count as the worms were likely swallowed in those cases). So they are obviously not aware of your case in scientific circles. If you contacted these scientists to say that you have a confirmed case of human Nematomorpha infection, I'm sure they would be very interested. Indeed, I'm surprised your doctor has not contacted the relevant universities already.

    1. Hi Alicia, When I was first diagnosed, I contacted all sorts of people. I contacted people who study just the parasite and were considered "specialists" on this. I contacted professors at universities, I contacted vets, I contacted epidemiologists, I contacted universities and specialty clinics asking if they would like to study me or make tests for it etc. Basically, no one if funded to study it and everyone sent me to someone else. Insect people don't do humans, humans don't know about the parasite, vets don't know anything about it and all suggest the same treatments that humans get, cdc never contacted me after steveral tries on my part. State health dept and epidemiologists say they need 50 confirmed cases before they will do anything. I contacted a group that does diagnosis of weird things and they can't help because I have a diagnosis. Even thought the illness is weird, they suggested several different organizations. I contacted each and they all said they have no money to study it etc. I am just trying to survive currently. I wish I could find anyone interested in researching this. If there were money involved, there would probably be LOTS of people interested in doing something. I've spent all that I can on this and am trying my own things as I can but I also am a single parent doing life. Thanks for your comments and sharing. I appreciate that people care. Have a blessed day!