Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It Is a Dusty Situation - Comparing Dusters

I have gotten or purchased many dusters over the years. Some have been perfect for using to paint rooms, the plastic static ones, I used to paint texture on my oldest daughters room many years back. Here is a link to that post.

I lived in New Zealand for a year in high school and one of my host families came to visit and brought me a wool duster with an extending handle.

While they were visiting, I pulled out my vacuum cleaner to suck up a spider above the stairs. They started laughing as my vacuum at the time extended very easily to super long and sucked that spider right up and they said their gift was useless.

I don't think it was as I used it for many years. If I want to dust the corners and around the curtains and light fixtures, I don't want to be dragging a vacuum around to get them all and have to plug it in 20 times as I move to different rooms and floors.

I have LOVED the wool extender dusters and broke the one they brought after many years of great service but the only thing I didn't like is that I need to bang it on the outside brick to get all the dust off it. I wish they could have made the tip removable so I could just throw it in the washer and let it air dry after.

I have been working on cleaning things out and have shared a few posts recently about that. My busy life has gotten me way behind on that type of thing. I truly want to clean out my life, house, garage, etc. With that, I pulled out all my dusters the other day to see which ones I would like to keep.

I didn't realize I had so many dusters and figured I would pick the best one. I took the four I had and dusted the top of my pump organ and looking directly down at the organ while polishing, I couldn't see much difference but when I looked from the side, there was a huge difference.

I used the white microfiber glove on the right side, the green microfiber mitt in the middle, and the polyester yarn home made glove on the far left or back of the picture. It just basically stirred the dirt around the furniture.

The mitt was ok but since it was a mitt rather than a glove, I wasn't able to get into the corners as well with my finger tips. It did pick up the dust ok but the glove really allowed for me to get the corners well. You can see it clearly picked up dirt and you can see your progress on the glove as it gets dirtier with each swipe.

The wool dust wand did a great job on the top edge of the organ and it creates a magnetic static factor that picks the dust out of the air and attracts the dust to the duster.

One thing I don't like about the dust gloves and mitts is that you can't just use them on the entire house as if you have a dirty room, it is really dirty by the time you finish and you feel like you are just spreading the dust around.

If you want to continue dusting, you need to wash it before you can do another room. With the wool extender duster, you can just bang it on the cement, brick or whatever to get the dust off and can even vacuum it off as well so you can do the entire house at one time with great results.

I decided to keep the wool extender and the white glove as I can use one for high and one for low.

Here is to a dust free life! Have a BLESSED DAY!

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