Monday, June 20, 2016

Daisy - Aunts Favorite Flower

I have kind of a fun story. When cleaning out my mom's stuff, we found a stack of glass platters. 

When the grand-children came through, they made lists of items they wanted and then stuck their names on the item with blue painters tape. 

We had a bit of a situation with how we were handing out items. I wanted to draw numbers and then let each sibling pick but one of my sister wanted to give each sibling three picks and then let the grand-children pick. I thought that would be very hard to control as there are over 50 grand-children. This sister didn't want to pick anything herself but did want to have her kids pick and then wanted to give her pick to a cousin of mine. 

The cousin thought she was coming to help clean so when I called her she said she was uncomfortable taking anything. I asked if there was something her girls may like and she said maybe a serving platter or something. I mentioned that we had one with a daisy pattern on it. I had forgotten that she told me earlier at the funeral that she had picked out some daisy jewelry from my mom's jewelry that we set out at the funeral. 

I mentioned that there was a daisy afghan that my mother had and asked if she would like that. By the time I hung up and she arrived, I found a daisy poster, a daisy magnet and when I was on the phone with her, I picked up a daisy magnet off the floor under my mothers bed that we had just pulled up. 

When she arrived, she told me that daisy's were her mom's favorite flower. Her mother passed away about three years ago. Here is a post about me visiting her in the hospital. Here is one about flowers my sister made for her funeral. 

I thought that her mother was trying to let he know she was there with my mom. I remembered the platter because it had three little feet that kept it off the table making it easier to pick up. I gave her two of the glass platters for her two girls and thought my nieces would be happy with the rest of the items on their list. 

A week after the funeral, I am shopping in my town at a second hand store and there was the platter. I had never seen it before and thought maybe he cousin donated it to her local store as I know the store in her town sometimes ships thing to our town. 

I bought the platter and called my cousin. I asked her about the platter and she said they had used it already for a party and at the moment, it was on her table with plants and candles on it or something. I then told her I found the exact platter and thought maybe she donated it as she hadn't wanted anything really but she said they loved it and were fine trading theirs for the bought one if I wanted. I told her that every family got lots of wonderful things so it wasn't a big deal. 

Last week, I am at the same second hand store and guess what I found? Yes, the exact same platter! I really think my mother wanted my two nieces to have that platter as I had never seen it before my mothers and to find the exact platter with a daisy on it and three little feet, it has to be my mother and my aunt conspiring to get one for each of my nieces as I wasn't sure which niece to give the one platter to but now I can give them each on and tell them the fun story about it. 

I just wanted to share that cute little story.... I think the angels are having to work overtime now that my mom is up there! I think she is directing traffic as my mother is a good leader and usually gets what she wants! I'm grateful I have two that I can now share. 

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