Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Horsehair Nematomorpha at our National Parks

A few weeks back, Princess Five and I went on a trip with a group of youth. We hiked the lower portion of the "narrows" hike at Zion National Park. Click here for that post.

While we were hiking, we were on the edge of the river, there were little pools of water that were stagnant. Maybe the level off the water had gone down or maybe the hole was below water level but the rocks around it weren't. 

One of the boys saw a black worm moving in the water. We all gathered around to watch. I knew immediately what it was from all of my research. It was the parasite that I have been diagnosed with called, "Horsehair Nematomorpha." 

Princess Five was terrified I would say something to embarrass her and one of the boys asked her why I knew so much about parasites and she just told him that I had given pedicures to natives in Peru and had had some health problems and I researched lots of parasites because of it. All of what she said is true.  

They walked off as I didn't want to take pictures or video much with them around but other people came up as I was taking pictures and I used my hiking stick to pull it out of the water and take some pictures and video of it on the rock. 

Thinking back, I should have video taped the river, the worm in the water, on the stick etc. but I don't think that way. Obviously if I did, I would have taken video of the 4 inch parasites in my stool or the 8 inch one that came out of me or the one sticking out of my arm one morning. My first thought in life about parasites is not to get out my video camera. 

You can clearly see the fly / insect that it came out of on the edge of the pool in the top picture and the parasite in the water but the worm really came to life when I stuck it on the warm sandy rock. This is what I feel inside of my heart area at night when it is burning and slowly moving, I will "huff" hydrogen peroxide and hold it in my mouth, the worm in my heart starts whipping around like that and it is hard to describe how horrible it feels. 

The other things that make it whip like that in my heart area are when I eat lots of hot Cheetos, drink "Spicy V8" or curry filled foods. The rosemary crackers also do it but I don't live near a Costco so don't get those often. So, the little parasite doesn't like herbs and spices much. Similar I'm guessing to the sand and warm rock. Oh, the other thing they hate is when I chew ice. If I do more than take a cold drink, eating popsicles etc, they hate that so the one near my heart will move further away from my throat / digestive tract when I eat cold things. 

People ask me how I know I have a parasite or how I can tell when it is moving..... Ask yourself, "Would I feel it doing that inside me?" when you watch the video. Sometimes at night, I will wake up gagging to one whipping around the back of my throat. Other time, I can feel them doing that in other female areas which will also wake me at night. This is a nightmare and I am not the only one living this nightmare. People on youtube and those that find their symptoms on my blog are contacting me almost daily. Often times they mention "nightmare" or "crying" in their comments to me. I don't blame them as I have cried many times over this and have called it a "nightmare" as well. It is a "Night"mare because you can't sleep with them moving around all night. They give you a sedative making you really tired and you can feel them but are in a drug induced coma which is torture! I do like the name that I call them of "Kraken" as I do feel it is appropriate as it is a water parasite and it does kill and is deadly! 

I have been trying "Pyrantel" increasing the dose slowly after five days off and then five days on but haven't seen any real difference in the parasites. They are getting worse as they just keep propagating so truly I don't know what is going to happen as there isn't any illness documentation so I am just continuing to take the peroxide, colloidal silver and oils as I have described in other posts hoping and praying that I can get my Dr. and the pharmaceutical  company on the same page for a trial. Who would have thought it would be so difficult to get them talking? 

I have a an appointment with my doctor coming up so pray for me and him that we can come up with something as I am going to suggest maybe "IV nutrition" as an option as my body is starving with the parasites eating all the proteins like "hook worms" do and my body is in starvation mode as if I don't eat, I gain weight so I think my body hasn't been getting any nutrition for some time. 

The other suggestion I am going to try is a long term antibiotic that my mother was on before she died while staying with me. Her mind cleared up better than it had in 20 years so hopefully, going on the antibiotics maybe will kill it off as it does some other parasites in the body. Other than those or the trial of Vermox, I am running out of ideas as to what to try. I did meet a lady the other day who is injecting herself with colloidal silver and said she feels much better. I don't want to go that drastic but am running out of ideas and options with this little Kraken parasite! 

The progression of this parasite is so slow that it took years to have the increased white count and lung damage so my guess is many people are infected and just don't know it yet. Let hope science can figure it out fast!


  1. "MMS" google it. This may be your answer to healing. I've just bought some and will be trying this next after 12 years of trying everything for this parasite. Hope it works God Bless!

  2. well i got the vermox off ebay and it made a world of difference but came back. ive tried drinking and smearing colloidal silver on myself also with great results. i was hoping u could share the colloidal silver injection method with me as im worried im almost out of time. im in bed about 5 or 6 days a week being unable to walk to the restroom most days. im out of money and i mean out. all my possessions have been sold and ill b living in my car in 2 weeks i fear i need this to end before it ends me i know the dangers of the injection thats why id prefer it if u shared what u know to make it slightly safer. thank u in advance.

    1. Don, I am so sorry to hear about your health problems. I TOTALLY understand your fear and lack of funds to cure this. I have always warned NOT to just use vermox as they do come back and with a vengeance. That is what started my horrible nightmare, before that, I only have a few symptoms for years. I am sorry to share that I have no knowledge about silver injections. I heard one woman say her son was giving them to her in passing and that is all that I know. I have not tried this or could I suggest this as it could be dangerous. I have huffed peroxide 3 % when I feel the burning in my lungs and have done the same with silver for the same reason but cant suggest that either. If I had to choose just one thing that made a difference, the peroxide would be my choice. Soaking the hands and feet and killing them under the skin is what has kept them down for me. I wish science would figure it out so we wouldn't have to be guinea pigs. I'll say a prayer for you as I have quite the long list now.

  3. I've spent hours this morning reading all of your information. I'm no stranger to parasites as last year I passionately dove into research on them and even did parasite cleanses over the course of several months. Many different types of parasites left my body, and I've taken precautions against getting reinfected. Now at present, I'm 4 months pregnant, and happened to notice a thin black line in my thumbnail. I'm convinced I have this parasite, but what can I do while pregnant?? Last year, I used Diatomaceous earth, herbal parasite syrup, liver/ gallbladder cleanses, fasting with the Master Cleanse, etc. Being pregnant I stopped all of those things. Please help me if you can. Thank you!

    1. Dear "mom", my internet being what it is deleted my entire reply. I would suggest that you always take your prenatal as you need the minerals in them. I met a woman with this parasite and she said after taking her prenatal for months, the parasites were coming out in her stool. She is the one that gave me the description I use of what they look like so I KNOW she had this parasite!

      I think staying off of sugar could help balance the ph of the body. I wouldn't suggest doing any major cleanses but you will have to go off you inspiration and gut.

      Try to get a worm out of your stool and get it diagnosed as I can't seem to get the CDC interested until they have more diagnosed and it is so hard to get diagnosed!

      I share in one of my posts how I keep them out of my head and eyes and other than that, I have a huge super infection and can't figure out how to get rid of them myself. I will post if I figure it out.

      Best wishes with the baby.