Tuesday, June 28, 2016

9999 More Pictures to Go, 9999 More Pictures To Go

Last week we had the pageant until late Saturday night. I had such a long week that I was so sleep deprived that I did the most embarrassing thing of my life (or one of) during the pageant.
I was dropping Princess Five off with all her stuff at the stage door. Just then, the girls past drill instructor was coming up. I had a gift in the car that I had been trying to deliver but she was never home. I grabbed the gift and the rest of the pageant stuff and left the car running while I went in. 

I talked to the Drill instructor thanking her for all her years of service and how wonderful she was to give my girls rides in the morning for early practices etc.I then gave Princess her stuff, ran in to save some seats, hooked up the video camera to a tripod in teh back etc. 

I realize I grabbed the wrong tripod and called Princess Four who was on her way into town to pick it up. In all of this, Princess Five is getting ready and Princess Four shows up within two minutes of the show starting so I am rushing to get the video working. 

I sit down and enjoy the show while taking pictures etc. The show ends, I rush back to get the video unplugged, pack up the camera equipment and rush to get some pictures of Princess all dolled up. I get on the stage and am looking for her in the throng of people when the drill instructor comes to tell me they are trying to get a fork lift to the back of the stage and my RUNNING AND OPEN CAR IS BLOCKING THE STAGE DOOR! 

Yes, I had left my open car with the AC on at the back stage door for three hours still running!!!! Yes, I freaked out and was SO grateful that Princess Fives expensive guitar that we brought as a backup was still in the back of the car! 

We arrived home after that fiasco and I was so over stressed, I couldn't sleep. I knew I would have to be getting up at five a.m. to head up to see my niece who had just arrived home as a missionary so with all the sleepless nights and stresses, I couldn't sleep. I tried reading, I prayed, I played solitaire, I watched boring youtube videos, I counted backwards by threes.... I COULDN'T sleep. I got up and got ready and left for the 6 hours of driving for the day with the girls. 

We were to pick up Princess Two on our way and she didn't wake to her alarm so we had to make the extra trip to her place to wake her instead of meeting at the highway. I was doing OK at that point but I had the girls in the back seat going over pictures and listing what pictures we needed and how many from each event for a scholarship book that Princess Five needs made this week. We only have a few days to pick out the pictures, get them printed, make it into a scrapbook form and mail it to the organizer of this scholarship event. It is due on Friday. 

I was so tired that we had to stop for a nap when we were dropping Princess Two off after the homecoming before driving another two hours home. We arrived home late and I had to blog and unpack more sorting stuff my family sent down from my mom's estate. I was so tired but still had a hard time getting to sleep. I have had a problem since Princess One's wedding, when I get super stressed and tired, I can't sleep no matter how tired I am and how hard I try. It is like my nerves are so worn that they can't relax. It has happened about five times since then and I am just that tired! 

So, today, I had to get up early as we are trying to move a few camps around to accommodate all she has going on with Drill and 4-H camps and a few other leadership camps and one fun religious camp. I was on the phone first thing as I have been working with them for a month now seeing if we can fit her in on another week so she can compete in a state talent contest.

She is the music sterling scholar next year and she needs to get in as many musical performances as she can to add to her portfolio. State competition would be a wonderful thing to add to her portfolio so I hope we can work it out. 

After that, I spent all day working on finding the pictures she needs for her HOBY scholarship portfolio due this week. We worked until 8:40 when I knew I had to be to Walmart to get them printed. I arrived with ten minutes left and wouldn't you know, the file I put all the pictures in was read in individual dates files and pulled all the pictures out of the file so I had to select each file. I hurried as quickly as I could and the worker was so kind to allow me to finish my order. As we waited, we started talking and she has many of the symptoms of the Horsehair Nematormopha parasite that I have. She has the large thyroid, has thyroid problems and is on medication. She chokes on her food, she has gained weight, she has a rash at the base of her hairline in the back, etc. She asked for my blog information and I shared how grateful I was that she would stay open so I could get the pictures printed. 

I was feeling really tired and somewhat overwhelmed by the day and she was upset that there was no cure and I hate sharing the parasite with people without giving them hope but on the other hand, the state epidemiologist won't do anything unless 50 people get diagnosed. Like that will happen without major work on my part and that isn't going to happen.

I get in the car to head home and feel like I should turn on the radio. My mothers car I got for helping with her has a tape deck radio with no on switch. It will just start playing loud when I hit a bump or something and scares me. Then it will just stop playing at random times. I can hit it and make it work so I hit it and push a station button and guess what song is playing.... Yep, Jimmy Eat World "The Middle" which is the go to song when God is trying to tell me that everything is going to be alright!  Here is my first post about this song. You can search "the middle" in the box at the bottom of the page to see other posts about the song coming on just when I needed it.

I really laughed out loud in my car. It was so funny. Another appropriate song came on about how I can hold on and get through this came on and then the radio was off again. I pondered on the song timing and I look over and see the shadow of a cat in someone window on the way home. I had to stop and take a picture as I was a bit frustrated to find out the people that moved in just across the street from me have two cats and a dog. That is with the person that lives next door who owns two cats and a dog. Her cats are always using my garden as a litter box. It was stressing me that now, I will have all the more cats as there are always cats in my yard now! 

The song and the cat just made me think that God is in charge and it isn't that I dislike cats but I just don't want these parasites anymore! 

I get home and start organizing the pictures only to realize that only 2/3rds of the pictures printed. I looked on the SD card and they were all there but for some reason didn't print. The machine was making an alarm sound when the pictures stopped printing so I wonder if there were more that needed printing but something kept it from finishing.  

I got home and had to make a list of the missing pictures to compare with the disc and to let them know and there were a few that I pulled over to add but must have slid into a different file because some weren't on the disc so I got back on the computer and just finished up so I could blog and it is 3 a.m. 

I really thought my life was going to be less stressful with one home but I didn't know to put my mother being ill and living with me and then passing away on the list and Princess Five is expecting any day so it doesn't look like my summer is going to slow down at all. I have so many posts I want to spend time to do but don't have the time to give to them so I probably will keep doing the daily stuff I am now. I sorted all the pictures into groups like; drama, musical theater, performances guitar, band, service, cheer, drill, spirit days, etc. Hopefully we can get the rest printed in the morning and get working on the book. 

Also Princess Four is home and has had a Dr. visit, TB test, Eye exam, and a dental cleaning and exam within less than 24 hours so that added to the stress of the day helping her print paperwork, sign them, figure out the best options on how to order and what to order and we aren't near being finished with getting her ready to serve as a missionary so get ready for the ride and hold on for the next few months.

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