Thursday, March 3, 2016

Someone is At it Again - Amanda Dave

I had a post all ready for today. My mother went in for blood again and I have had a very long day. But, like happens in life, one small sentence can change the course of your day.

I got a note on a post in the "comment" section a few weeks back. It said "Someone" was using pictures from my blog on a health forum.

I had "someone" in my life that can't seem to move on. "Someone" has stalked me, put spyware on my phones and computers. "Someone" has hacked into my email accounts and broken into my house. "Someone" is now pretending to be me on several different pages. Here are some post on Stalking I have written in the past.

Part 1 cell phone.
Part 2 Computer  
Part 3 Cyber and internet
Part 4 using government and community to stalk
Part 5 stalking songs and humor

Over the years, I see many times when "Someone" has set up emails as me or to use to harass me but we have gotten quite used to it and I have had some great laughs over the years sharing funny stories about "Someone."

Here is one such story which still to this day makes us all laugh when we are somehow reminded about it.

When I first started writing my blog over five years ago, "Someone" tried to contact me through the blog posing himself as a young boy named "Eric" and created several different profile names surrounding the name "Eric" and would write like "someone" thought a young boy would write with misspelled words and grammar errors. "Someone" would give just a little too much emphasis on the wrong thing and chose a name of someone he thought I would connect with due to this situation. The profile they created recently had the same poor grammar and misspellings.

When "Someone" has been having a hard time in life, I will get more issues coming up. "Someone" must really be out of control recently as activities have ramped up some in some ways which I can't discuss but I have been contacted by a government agency in the past few weeks about a situation that "Someone" is involved with so I can see that perhaps "Someone" isn't happy in their life and things may not be going their way so they need to try and connect with me in some way.

Today, I got a new notice in my comments section about my "bunko" post a few years back stating that "Someone" was using my pictures but this time instead of being "anonymous", there was a person linked to the post. I think that "Someone" may have written the first post because the picture was different on the profile at the time and the post they linked me to was written on Valentines Day. I think "Someone" wanted me to see that he had created a profile using my pictures. The profile was for a nurse that is divorced with kids with similar names of my children but she had a son named...... you guessed it, "Eric" so today's note wasn't a surprise to me.

I contacted the writer who is someone who is also a blogger and I think somehow she found me as that bunko post that the picture was stolen from, had over 50 views in the past few days.

There are nearly 200 comments on the fake profile site but I didn't actually read any of the threads as I don't have that kind of time in my world, nor do I care. I actually wrote the blogger back before following the link telling her that I have "Someone" in my life who is crazy and can't seem to move on and wrote the profile making the woman look crazy. the first post I went to made her look like she wasn't taking care of her children's health which is something "Someone" tried to get the courts and social services to believe for many years. After many interviews, home visits and judicial reviews, Social Services found "Someone" abusive to their children on "Someone's" own testimony and I was cleared.

If you can't tell from my blog over the past five years, my children are AMAZING people and if the worst thing "Someone" can do is waste their time making up fake profiles for me, sad for them! I laughed when I looked at the profiles as "someone" set one up to link to facebook as well. I thought, "at least someone took photos where I look good!" Just about then, Princess Five came in from her choir and prom practices and caught me laughing. She saw my picture on the "profile" as she came in and she said, "At least "Someone" picked pictures where you look amazing!" We both had a good laugh.

Facebook had the fake profile down within 12 minutes from my actual finding of the profile. The profile I looked at last week had one picture and now has another. I wonder how many "fake" parenting sites "Someone" is on at the moment posing as me. "Someone" really doesn't have a life.

I was going to put a link to the post some of the photos were taken from but looking now, there were three different posts that "Someone" took photos off so it wasn't just some random person taking pictures off, it was three different posts they stole pictures from. bunko 1 post. Bunko 2 post. Dad award post.

My mother gets brain tired with the leukemia and will always resort to asking about "someone" when she is really bad off which hasn't been often recently but I have to tell her I haven't had any contact for years, I have no idea where "someone" is, I don't think of "someone" we don't talk about "someone" and I can't answer the questions because I don't know and I don't care.

"Someone's" family has been in contact with me in the past few weeks as I found some letters in a box recently and offered them to family as I didn't want them. They appreciated the package and I was glad to have it gone. Someone hasn't spoken to their family member in four years! I don't understand how "someone" can be so focused on nothing and abandon those they are related to to such an extent but then I look and see that "someone" has no friends and has no real connection with anyone unless it is in a negative manner.

I am SO grateful to be rid of "Someone" and that I don't have to deal with the crazy of that daily in my life. How grateful I am to have five beautiful, talented Princesses who are living wonderful healthy lives and making their mark on the world in a positive way when they have had to deal with "Someone" who doesn't know how to leave anything but a caustic mess in their wake.

I will sign off as my new profile character. I am amanda-e and my facebook name was Amanada Dave. Neither of those names means anything to me but perhaps those of you that know "Someone" can figure out what is missing in "their" life that they may use those names. I have been watching "Criminal Minds" recently as I sew Princess Five's prom dress, cook and clean etc. I have been really shocked at how many personality traits that "Someone" posesses that are characters of the criminal in the episodes. There have been five VERY clear situations that "Someone" did the exact thing the criminal in the show did. All these things have made me take a very close look at my life and why I would have chosen to include "Someone" in my world. It is a very eye opening experience to think I CHOSE to put myself in that world and didn't run at the first signs something was wrong which was very near the beginning of that relationship. I can clearly see those signs now in others but it makes me sad that I wasted so much of my life dealing with the chaos of it.

We clearly have choices in life and I am SO grateful that I am where I am in my life. I am SO blessed! 

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