Friday, March 11, 2016

Enjoy a Little Glass With Your Pizza

My experience with recalled items isn't vast. I once bought the Walmart peanut butter that was recalled and it made us sick not only once but twice. I probably could have sued but was just glad to know what made us sick both times. 
We took a new jar of peanut butter to my sisters and ate it. We got sick while at my sisters and attributed it to being around lots of family. We left the jar there in a box of food since we would be going back a few weeks later. I would usually pack enough meals to feed my family and hers when we stayed to help them out for allowing us to stay. I figured it was the least I could do for her generosity hosting us all the time.

We went back up and ate the peanut butter the next time we went up and got sick again. I learned about the recall in-between visits. I then was able to identify that our peanut butter was indeed the recalled peanut butter that was causing everyone to get sick from Walmart. I returned it and they gave me my money back. I have never purchased their brand peanut butter again! It is funny how those type of things "stick" with you. Pun intended! 

Princess Two purchased a spinach pizza from Digiorno this past week or so and cooked it up and ate it last night. She said the back area of her mouth hurt today and she had taken some of the left over pizza to work to eat for lunch. 

She said "for some reason, I didn't eat the pizza I took to work. I think now I know why!" 

That specific pizza has been recalled! It has been found that some of the pizza's have small shards of glass in them. 

I texted to ask her how she found out about the recall but I think she proceeded me to bed. I got a call from her earlier tonight and noticed I had missed her call. When I called her back, she asked what she should do. I love how my girls think I am the great Wizard and just know everything about everything and call to ask my advice. I believe when I tell them I don't know everything, they don't believe me until they are in a situation where they really see that I don't know everything and the great "mom" card is bent a bit more. 

I told her that I just returned the peanut butter to Walmart and told them it was really crappy that I got sick not only once but twice on their tainted product and figured they should have at least had a questionnaire or a "Here is a $50 gift card, sorry we made your family sick!" promo or something. 

I suggested that she just take it back to the store with the receipt and get her money back and buy a different brand. I probably should have told her to avoid anything with spinach as there has been a spinach recall in the past few years and they think the glass in the pizza came from the spinach. Maybe in the harvesting the machine picked up glass of some kind and shattered it or something.  

I hope if she did eat glass, it doesn't do anything to her insides. I can see that it could have caused the back of her mouth to be sore, lets just hope that it was something else. 

Here is a link to the recalled pizza. I hope none of you need it! Have a great weekend!

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