Friday, March 18, 2016

Figuring Out Prom Hair

This week is a milestone for me. If you remember from my posts over the past five years, JR PROM is a BIG deal in our little town. 
Here is a link to Princess Two's Prom 
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There are MANY more posts about getting asked, altering dresses, answering dates, and some about what happens at prom but you would have to search for those in the search box at the bottom of the page by typing in "prom" and they will all come up.
It is more like a "coming out" debutante ball. They make a huge stage, introduce each girl and boy, their date and then list their parents and where they are from. It is a SUPER huge event. They charge people to come and watch and those coming to watch dress up and it is super formal.

We worked on Princess Five's gown for weeks, purchasing matching fabric, making a pattern for a jacket, sewing on straps and I pressed it last week. She has her hoop, shoes, jewelry, and dress ready to go. 
What we have been struggling with for weeks, is the hair. Her hair is SO thick and SO long that it is limiting what we can do as far as an "up do" for prom. Her older sister wanted hers half down and ringlets so that was easy for me. 
Princess Three also wanted her hair mostly down and curled so I haven't had to worry about it. Princess One and Two both had theirs done by someone else but they were much "bigger" updo styles and I don't think Princess Five wants hers quite that "big" so we are praying I can figure it out before the big day. I have to say I am a bit nervous but she seems to be "OK" with mom's inability to get it right.

We have spent at least four nights trying all sorts of hairdos we have seen on different blogs, vlogs, channels, pinned and I still haven't felt that I have gotten any of them quite right.   

Because she has SO much hair, the messy looks just look REALLY messy. Some say curl and then pin up. Some say, just twist and pin up. I curled and pinned and her hair is so long that we still had LOTS of curls hanging down and lots of hair still on her head. 

I kinda liked the tighter braids but she wanted more of a wispy look and so we pulled the braid out and her hair just looked like she went out in the rain "fly away" look as even though her hair is thick as a whole, each hair is quite fine. 

I think I will take less hair than I did in the first picture and do the tighter braid and then leave wispy's down to curl like in the last picture and then take more into the back braid and bun for the center and see how that looks. 

I don't have much time left as we need to do her nails and toenails and prom is happening this weekend so we had better figure it out. Also, we have been trying to figure out her makeup as she wants "bigger" eyes but I have never been one for tons of make-up so she is thinking of asking a friend to help. 

I can't say that I will be sad when this last prom is over.... I think it puts WAY to much pressure on the girls with the bright lights and coming out. At my bunko night a few weeks back, several of the mom's were discussing how much they paid for their girls dresses. Some of them cost more than my wedding dress, Princess One's wedding dress and all my girls prom dresses combined. It is so crazy what some people do. Many of them went and made appointments like they would for a wedding dress and spent hours at several shops trying on dresses. 
I am SO grateful my girls don't care about the cost of the dresses and are beautiful in what we have found for each. I know Princess Five feels beautiful in her gown and am excited to see her coming out in it! 

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