Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Prom 2016 - Princess Five - The Date

I am dragging the prom thing out for the week as I have so much to share and so much going on. I am trying to get my mother ready to leave this weekend but she has been super tired and I have as well. Just not feeling all that great. 
I had a sore throat for a few days and Princess Five has had sniffles but I don't want my mother getting anything so I have been taking doses of all the stuff that keeps me well but I have also been fighting weather storms so the headaches have been long and hard all week as well. Just a very long and tiring week. 

I am trying to get Princess Five ready to go on a tour to California with her community choir as well so getting all the washing done, suitcases out, watching the "fashion shows" for what to pack and all that goes into a girls first trip to Disneyland that she ever remembers. She is SO excited to be able to go to Disney. She went when she was four or five for the last time and never remembers going to Disney other than a few simple memories of me carrying her to the shuttle etc.

I am hoping that this trip will be all that she hopes it is. I wish I could go and see her excitement at being at Disneyland but know that she will have a much more enjoyable time with friends her own age. I am hoping she will take lots of pictures so I can see some of the fun that she is having as I did pay for the trip. :-) 

Her date for prom was an exchange student from Germany. He was about the tallest guy at the dance and is a basketball player. She wore four or five inch heels and is still a head shorter than he is but they made such a beautiful couple. 

As his mother is coming to visit the U.S. but wasn't in our state for the date, I took a short video of him picking Princess up for the date so she could see it. They were both so excited and cute. 

They were at the "promenade" practice where they walk out and then they all dance around the room to show off their skills and dresses and they were so good that they dance instructor took them and put them front and center a day or two before the dance. 

Since all my girls are dancers, most of them were in the "example" group and were in the middle circle anyway but since Princess Five is so busy, she didn't want to have to teach the dance as she was on a few of the committees anyway and ended up in the middle group anyway. That was nice since I tried to get front and center for pictures so at least I got to enjoy her dancing. I didn't get any great pictures as they kept changing the lighting and I would finally get it set for that lighting and then they would change it again for something else. 

I was sad that I didn't get any good pictures of them coming down the stage or of them dancing or walking in but I did get some great pictures at other times so I have to be grateful for a nice camera and a beautiful subject to take pictures of for the night!  

I was going to make the boutonniere but he ordered a "forever" corsage and they gave me the option for $10 to get the matching boutonniere so I opted on the matching one which saved me some stress. They would have added "lights" for another $5 but I thought that may be "overkill" so opted "no" on the light option. Seeing one that evening, I was glad we didn't go with the lights.

I loved that my mother got to see her for the night and they got a quick picture as she was getting ready to leave. That is the first time my mother has seen any of the girls for prom. My dad always comes but my mother isn't much of a "grandkid" type person as she is more of a "world traveler" but I think it was good that Princess Five has been able to serve my mother while she has been here. 
The theme was a bit weird to me as they picked "Captured in a Dream" and used dream catchers to decorate. Not my favorite and Princess wanted "An Enchanted Evening" as they used trees to decorate but she was out voted and the dream catcher was part of the decor through the room.
One nice thing about having one of the taller dates was that she could wear heels. Some of her friends had to wear flats as they were taller than their dates. Also, she was able to do the "twirl" that they all do to show off their dress when their name is announced. 

Some of the girls had to twirl the guy because they were taller than their dates and if they twirled, it would mess up their hair. Princess Five didn't have any worries that night at all. It was nice that they are friends and there wasn't any pressure on either part. He would just hang with his friends when we took pictures that he wasn't involved with and was really "chill" about the entire thing. They had fun and it was a good night for both.  

She really looked beautiful and he was handsome and they both enjoyed dancing and dressing for the part. I am sure it is a night she will always remember with fond memories. I am blessed to live in a country where we can enjoy allowing the girls to dress how they want, to express themselves with the theme and music they all choose together and that they can all dress up and feel like royalty for the evening. Not too far in the distant path, that wouldn't have been the case for her date in Germany or for us in America a century or two ago. We are blessed to live in this day and age.         

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