Thursday, April 2, 2015

Slipper for a Princess - Cinderella Tryouts

This week is a busy week for Princess Five. There are student body elections, Cheer Tryouts, and tryouts for Cinderella as well as it being Easter week. 

I am not sure why the school leaders all chose the same week to hold all the tryouts and elections but it made for a busy week for us as I also have the girls coming home for Easter and a conference for our church. 

We usually go camping over Easter with my family but with everyone's schedules being so busy, we are going to do other things next week as people couldn't pull away this weekend. 

I will try to post about all the busy things going on in her life over the next few posts. She actually mentioned that I hadn't posted her video or pictures from Region Drama so I need to do that but uploading the longer video takes some time. 

Here are some shorter videos of her trying out for the play "Cinderella" that the community is doing for the summer musical theater. She is still trying to get over her cold but I think she sounded ok.

I found this actual Disney Cinderella slipper charm recently and I found a cute little crystal "bird" box that reminded me of the Cinderella birds in the movie so I put the charm into the box and gave it to her for "luck" at tryouts. 

She won't be able to find out what part she gets until next week but she actually had everyone laughing in the audience during her "step-sister" audition as someone needed a partner for their tryout. She really wants "Cinderella" but after she had everyone laughing, she said she thinks she did herself more harm than good by helping out her friend because she realized that they really liked her in that role.

She actually is laughing in the video because everyone else was laughing before I started video taping. I didn't have any memory left so I only got a few seconds but it was still cute. 

Here is hoping that she gets the part she wants. They are double casting the main parts so hopefully she will get one of the Cinderella parts.  

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