Monday, February 2, 2015

Restringing Pearls or Beads

I have had a string of pearls that has needed to be restrung for a long time. I never thought it would be hard but it is just one of those things that isn't a priority so I haven't gotten around to doing it. 
One of the first things you need to do to restring a strand of pearls is to find a threat that matches the one that broke in color. 
There are so many different colors of white and off white cotton thread. There are also many different thicknesses as well. 
If you need to purchase the string/thread, it is probably best to take the strand in to the store with you so you can match it as much as possible. 
The strand pearls with a knot in between each pearl so that if the strand was ever broken, you wouldn't lose the whole strand with pearls flying all over. 
When you are going to re-strand the pearls, it is easier to keep the old pearls on their strand as you work so that they loose pearls aren't rolling around. I just kept mine next to the new one and pulled them off one at a time. 
Make sure that you make your string long enough to hold all the pearls that you want and enough over on both ends to tie onto the clasps.
You need to find a needle that will fit through the center of your pearls. It also has to be able to fit the string on it and still be able to be pulled through the center of the pearl. 
I have a large selection in one package which made it easy to find one to fit. 

Once you have the string, tie a knot about 1 to 2 inches in. The knots are easy, just loop the needle through the center of a circle of thread as you can see in the pictures above, and pull the knot tight where you want it on the string. 
After you have that first knot, you thread a pearl onto the string using the needle. Sometimes, you may need to pull the needle through using some pliers. You can watch the video at the top for more detailed instructions.
Once you have the first pearl sitting on the first knot, you keep it firm next to the knot and make a loop with the string like you can see above and using the needle, I keep that knot tight and next to the pearl. That knot should keep that pearl in place. 

I use the needle to get the knot as close and tight as possible. Continue threading and knotting the pearls until you have the desired length.

You can purchase clasps at any craft or beading store. This one has a nice clasp that  I wanted to keep and use.      

It is nice to be able to get something off my "list" and I suggest watching the video to see a little better how things are done. 

Good Luck.....

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