Monday, February 16, 2015

Friendly Collage and Momentos

Due to the holiday, I am posting a short post on some things I thought were fun. 

When we lived in New England, the antique places often times have these old printer drawers from the old presses.

Each drawer has different openings due to which letters were in the drawer. I bought three of these one time. They were very cute and had different openings but my favorite part was the letters were written on the front of the drawers. 

I gave one of these to my sister, one of these to my best friend and kept one for my babies room. I collected lots of little things to go in my "drawer" and it hung in the nursery for years.

I took it down and got rid of all the little things. I don't think my sister still has hers but my friend texted me this picture a week or two ago as she just put it up in her sewing room. 

I thought it was cute that she still had all the stuff to go in it as I helped her take it down when she got married about 8 years ago and moved. 

I was sorting through some pictures awhile ago and found this collage that she made for me many years ago. She took all of the pictures she had that I have sent her over the years while I lived in New England and cut them and made a collage and sent it to me. The red and white blanket in the upper right corner is one she made for Princess Two. I made many of the clothes the girls are wearing in the pictures and some of the pictures are from her visit to my house or our visits to hers. There are lots of memories in the collage and I thought it was a great gift. 

Both ideas are fun so I thought I would share them in my short post for the holiday. 

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