Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun Hats - Family Activity

Princess One thought that over the Christmas break, she would have everyone make an "owl" hat. She brought all the fleece fabric and she got the girls motivated to make hats. The girls picked their colors and designed their own hats. 

Princess One was going to make an owl hat until Prince One started to do a blue hat and it kinda looked like Cookie Monster. 

We joked that he should make it a cookie monster and so he decided he would make his Cookie. 
He was so creative and fast that he then worked on Kermit the Frog hat. I thought it was great that he was willing to do a craft project with the girls. 

We learned a few things. I shared how much easier it is to use Felt to make the face pieces as you don't have to hem or edge them. 

I showed them how to use iron on facing to iron on the felt but I didn't think to put a towel over it so it made steam hole marks on the fleece and iron creases. 

So, if you are making one of these cute hats, make sure to use a damp towel over the fleece and felt if you are using iron on fusing to fuse the felt and fleece together.

As far as the hat foundation goes, there were two types we made. The "green" one has a thin center piece between the front and back. 

The other style is just square with the front and back sewed together. Some of them pinned the corners inside themselves and made it more of a rounded look.

Each of the girls hats turned out a bit different in the style of the hat and then the girls all ended up making an owl hat. 

Once Prince One made the "cookie monster" hat, Princess One decided to make the "kermit" hat for Grand-Princess One and to make herself an "Oscar the grouch" hat. 

Some of them decided to "stitch" around their eyes to make them a bit more decorative, and others just ironed them on and didn't stitch. 
I was so impressed with how cute Princess One's Oscar came out. She was so creative making it. She even sewed a little garbage can lid handle on the top making it look like Oscar was peeking out of the can. She used fleeces sewn into a strip for his eyebrows. 

We just used crochet cotton thread to stitch the garbage can lines, and the decorative lines around the owl eyes etc. 

Princess One looked online for ideas for her hats but she came up with her design on her own. I really was so impressed with her husband and how the both of them just went to it and made such creative hats. 

We made a hem on the bottom of the hats that I forgot to mention. It wasn't a big hem but you can see in the pictures. 

I took a close up of each hat so you could see how cute they look. 

I think it would be a great activity for a church youth group, a young woman's group, or a woman's group.

Princess Four had so much fun that she made two hats. She finished the owl hat just after everyone else did and then she started another hat.

After seeing the Sesame Street hats, she decided to try something other than an owl. She made a "monsters Inc" hat. Didn't it turn out cute? 

It was so much fun to have the whole family doing a project together. I shared how great our Christmas was, it really was. 

Thanks Princess One for planning the activity and bringing home all the stuff for us to make these fun hats.

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