Thursday, February 19, 2015

Butterfly - Weaving Vlinderloom

My friend Julie, that I mentioned in the post a few days ago, showed me something new. I had never seen it before but it is a "Butterfly Loom"  or a Vlinderloom.

I assume it gets its name because it folds down the middle and the sides go back like the wings of a butterfly.

She said it is very easy to use, it is easy to remove the projects because the sides fold back which loosens the project to come off quickly. 

She purchased it online and there are two sizes. She made these loopy decorative scarves on the loom and said they worked up very quickly. 

She said if you are looking to make something for charity donations, they are quick and don't take as much yarn or time but give a pretty decorative scarf. 

She also worked up some hot pads and used multiple colors.

I wanted to share the pictures and the loom as I had never heard of it before or even seen what it could do. She purchased them online if you are interested, you can watch "how to" videos" on youtube.

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