Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Boy or Girl Scout and Mission Photo Album Covers

Over the past few months, I have seen some creative ways to save some of your favorite clothes from scouting and missions or church related memories. 

I saw this cute photo album made out of a suit, tie and a white shirt. I thought it was so cute. It could be used for a baptism, a priesthood ordination birthday or as a missionary photo album. They used parts of the suit to cover the entire album, the back and back inside as well. 

Basically, you cut what you want on the front cover and add at least two inches all the way around. You use a glue gun to glue first the top overlap to the inside, then the bottom overlap pulling it tight and make sure that there are no ripples so pull it toward the right and left as you are gluing it so it is tight. Then glue the right and left sides onto the inside cover. 

Just use a square piece of fabric on the back. You can add a thin layer of batting under the suit fabric to give it some shape but the suit fabric is thick so it wouldn't need it but if you were using thinner cotton material, you would want to glue some batting to the back and front covers before putting the fabric on. 

You cut a square of cardboard or poster board the exact size to fit on the inside of the album cover and use a piece of suit fabric to cover it gluing the edges on the inside. Once you have the two pieces covered, you glue them to the inside of the album covers after you have the front and back covered with the fabric already, this gives it a finished look. 

I am sure there are youtube videos showing how to cover photo albums or journals. I made these for years and made some for the older girls with things I cross stitched with their names etc but they have them now so I don't have pictures of them.

I thought this would be a wonderful idea for a scout shirt, sash and badges as well. You could sew all the extra patches onto the back cover as well. Fun for a scrap book and doesn't take up box space or wall space as the idea at the bottom but it is all contained in a spot where you have pictures and memorobilia as well. 

Wouldn't it be fun to do a den mom's shirt as well making that the cover. Lots of fun ideas but the suit one was adorable. I don't have any sons to make it for but perhaps grandsons at some point.

My grandmother made quilts out of my dad's and his brothers mission suits. She cut them all into squares and made them quilts. I thought that was a great idea as well. 

My friend has this cute scout tribute on the wall at her house. She said it was ok for me to make a post about it and share the idea. 

All of my brothers and nephews are Eagle Scouts so I thought this idea was wonderful and amazing so I put it on here so I could share these ideas with them. 

This is something a man can hang in his office or study or even his work office. I think it is a big accomplishment for them to make Eagle Scout or higher in the organization.

It would be great for those heavily involved in girls scouts as well. 

I also think you could make a cute photo album cover for girl or sister missionaries and include one of their favorite outfits that they wore on their mission. You could put on one of their tags as well. 

There are so many creative people out there making really imaginative things. Neither of these ideas were mine but they were so cute I had to share.

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