Monday, February 23, 2015

Tractor Swing Out of a Tire

I saw this really cute swing made out of a tire. I thought it would be very fun to make at some point in the future. I think that we fill our landfills with tires and it is a shame we can't do more with them. 

This by far is the most amazing thing I have seen made out of a tire. 

I haven't made one and I was going to take some time and try to figure out the pattern and describe it but my fathers is a triplet and one of them passed away. The graveside service is today so I will be out of town so I am posting this in place of writing a post. 

I hope you can get enough information from my post to get an idea of how it is made. It didn't look like it needed a ton of work and my guess is that the hardest part is cutting the tire. 

I used a drill to punch holes through the tire when I make my tire swings so I know power tools can make the job easier when dealing with tires. 

Here is a link to my post about making the tire swing.

I think any little farmer would be thrilled to have this hanging in their yard! 

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