Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Copper Recycling, Jokes on Me

 I have fallen asleep 20 times in the last forty  minutes. I am making this short so I can get some sleep. From sick in bed most days to not home for 10 minutes all day and it being past midnight, may let you know why I am falling asleep.

I took the copper from my post yesterday to the recycling today and had to laugh out loud when I realized I did all that work and got carpal tunnel going on in my wrist all for the big $1.47. I laughed and laughed. I would have made more had I brought all the wire in without doing anything to it I think. I have wires left, I will take it tomorrow and see what I get for it.

I wanted to see what I could get and realized that it was a complete waste of my time. While there, a man came in and said I should have just started a fire up in the hills in a garbage can lid and burnt all the casing off. The recycle guy said that people lose half the copper that way and it is illegal.

Either way, I think it is not worth it. So, I won't be doing that again. However, getting $.21 cents for a few cans was worth it and the brass was an old cymbal we didn't think we could sell so I got $4 for it and a little in steal. In all, I got $6 which would have been worth it without the copper deal. It goes into my "found money" jar with all the rest of the money I find.

I learned that unless it is large gauge house copper wire, it isn't worth taking out or stripping.

I left there and got $6 for Princess 4's report card as a local bank pays kids for getting A's on their report cards. A few years ago, she signed up for this and within a month won $100 in a drawing they have for all the kids that participate in the state.

At the time, it was a huge deal to Princess four as she kept telling me she was worried about paying for college as someone told her without their help, she wouldn't be able to go to college. Well, God knows what we need when we need them and at the time, we had just discussed how her sisters were able to go to college on scholarships and ended up making money going to college and graduated without debt and had more in the bank than before they started. It was the next day she got the call she won the $100 and when I asked her about winning she said, "I think God is trying to tell me that I shouldn't worry about college, He'll take care of me."

So far, she has a nice amount in her account and it is all "free" money for getting good grades. I wish we had started all the girls off doing this but we didn't start until later so the older girls missed out on this.

I went to the dentist today and laughed when I looked at the bill, Yep, you guessed it, there was a $111 on the bill. I smiled and pointed it out to Princess 2 who also had an appointment today. I'll have to tell you about my nightmare tooth another day but lets just say I have never had such a hard time at the dentist as I did today so that little 111 on my bill gave me strength as I took four pills and drank a lot of coke praying that the pain would reduce after the four shots to try and numb me hadn't gotten the pain down. (See my 111 post here)

A few hours later, I was at a drill competition and after it finished, I was helping clean out the girls dressing room and on the way I found a quarter and then in the dressing room, I found a dime. (click here to read about that) Princess two also found a dime on the way out to the car and my friend Melissa found a penny right behind me in the stadium.

Heavenly Father sure wants me to know how much He loves me and to get me to trust in Him. I am so blessed.

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