Thursday, November 27, 2014

Top Ten All Time Favorites for Princesses

Still interested in the movie choices of the girls, I asked them for their top ten all time movie classics. Interested once again in what will be the cross overs if any.

Princes One:
Lord of the Rings Series
Star Wars Series
Dances With Wolves
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Nightmare before xmas
Legend of Bagger Vance
Indiana Jones
Back to the Future Series
Pirates of the Caribbean
Forrest Gump

Princess One:
Star Trek series
Lord of the Rings
Raising Arizona
Italian Job
Finding Never Land
That Thing You Do
Avengers Group

Princess Two
Miss Congeniality
Little Women
Return to Me
X-Men Series
What Happens in Vegas
Steel Magnolias
Arthur (Newer One)
Nicolas Sparks Movies
Wedding Planner

Princess Three:

(Possibly lots more could easily be added, I just can't think of many now):
She's the Man
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Princess Bride
Pirates of the Caribbean
Lion King
Meet the Robinsons
Warm Bodies
World War Z

Princess Four:
Pitch Perfect
Anything with Sandra Bullock - Blind Side, Miss Congeniality, The Proposal
Chronicles of Narnia Series
Forest Gump
Life is Beautiful
The Princess Bride
The Help
Captain America - Avengers
Hunger Games - Catching Fire
Stand Strong

Princess Five:

Maze Runner
Chronicles of Narnia
She's the man
Time Travelers Wife
Peter pan (not the Disney one)
A Little Princess
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Iron Man
City of Ember
August Rush


My Top all time favorites:
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Star Wars
Pirates of the Caribbean Series
Hunger Games (Click here for my post of the series over all story line)Click for my review of movie one.
Life is Beautiful
Lord of the Rings (reminds me of New Zealand)
Stand Strong
Pay it Forward
Dances With Wolves

Cross Over Movies are:
Lord of the Rings (3)
Star Wars Series (2)
X-Men (2)
Chronicles of Narnia (2)
Life is Beautiful (2)
Stand Strong (2)
Pirates of The Caribbean(2)
Dances with Wolves (2)
She's the Man (2)
Hunger Games (2)

The Princess Bride (2)
Austinland (2)
Miss Congeniality (2)
Avengers (2)

14 Cross overs but the only movie with three votes is Lord of the Rings Series. I have to say that I found it interesting that my girls who are similar in personality liked similar movies and had many of the same titles in their top ten. Thought that was something. I never thought I would get so much out of asking these questions but it has been really interesting.

I asked my bunko friends and got a one reply to this question as well, here is what her kids said as she texted and asked them. They said:

Baby Mama
Pitch Perfect
The only cross over here is "Pitch Perfect" with one of the girls. 

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