Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It Is OVER - Highlights Of The Play

The play is over. I am exhausted. Princess Five and I got up today and made about 150 homemade suckers.

We made stars, hearts, flowers and kites as those are all featured in the play. We made flavors that would go along with Mary Poppins. 

In the play, the kids have her spoonful of sugar medicine and get "Strawberry Ice" and so we did that and then we have an "English Toffee" flavor that was a hit. We then got in a hurry as we burned two different batches as we were trying to do so much. 

In the end, we missed a text saying they scheduled cast pictures at 5 and sent the text at 2. I was frustrated that I had asked several times about pictures and I guess they didn't have anyone to take them until today or whoever they had fell through or something as they sent out a text asking if anyone knew of someone to take them earlier today. 

It is sad that Princess Five and I missed those along with others that had things scheduled or missed the information as we did. However, everyone loved the suckers and during the play I took about 500 pictures of the cast and crew to share as I am blessed by Panasonic to have a wonderful camera

I especially had fun working with these two little "Beasts" but truly they are wonderful little actors. They were the first to have their lines down and really, ended up knowing every line in the play as they were on stage for most of the play. Backstage, they would say my lines or the other actors lines. I wish I still had those memorization skills! 

I call them "little beasts" in the play along with some other not so nice things as I played "Katie Nanna" to the kids. They enjoyed "escaping" from me at the park. Tonight was a bit painful as when they took off, I am climbing stairs and somehow I jabbed my broken toe into the stair causing me to stumble a bit getting on stage due to pain but I am so grateful it is healing and I can walk.

My favorite memory I will take from this play is Princess Five standing back stage with her blue hair in the wings ready to go on for "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and she has a large amount of stacked letters in her hand.

She was facing a few girls that were in the wings on the other side of the stage and she started doing a fun little dance and I could see her silhouette and she was having fun! There have been many stressful hours with life lately and even with the play but it was all worth it seeing her dancing so cute in the wings not knowing she was being watched. It was adorable! 

Have a BLESSED Day! 

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