Friday, August 11, 2017

New Companions in Japan

Well well well! I know I emailed on Wednesday, so you may think I don't have too much to say to you, Beautiful People, but let it be known that I have indeed had some crazy things happen in the past few days!!! God is so good. He knows us all so well!

So due to health issues we didn't go out and dendo very hard. We also became informed that it was time for my companion Shimai, my BELOVED companion, to head back to AMERICA!! The good ole USofA!! I am so excited for her! Doing missionary work is hard by itself, but throw some bad health in there, and life just gets crazy! I know from my own health. NOT FUN! But can we just take a minute to appreciate my companion? ..................................................................................................................................

That seems like a good amount of time. Oh my goodness I just love her soooo much! We were able to do some fun things like shopping, and getting Japanese McDonalds, getting some referrals, bearing our testimonies in sacrament, her getting asked to speak, but then the responsibility fell on me because she will be in America. That was a fun one, but I am more than willing to do it! But we have seen so many good things in just these few days. Yesterday she had SOOO many people calling and texting, and visiting to let her know how much they love and appreciate her. It is crazy how some people she didn't really talk to very much, or think she was that important to were DISTRAUGHT when they found out about her leaving. It really is special the connections we get to make with people on the mission. I LOVE my companion!!! Yay!! I have seen so many miracles with her. Our last meal together was homemade tacos.

So as of right now... I don't have a real companion! Due to the situation, I am currently companions with Sister "cutie".. The mission Presidents 17 year old daughter! ha It is so hard calling her Sister as I met her by her first name. But, we became companions last night, and we are spending p day together. Good stuff! Its like being companions with my little sister. She likes dance, and musicals, and all the good stuff in life! We might be companions until tomorrow.. We shall see!! Haha they are trying to work that out. Pray for us. My next companion will need it! 

Here is a fun miracle of the week.
I  made eye contact with the girl on the bench next to us at the park. She was so cute!!! Oh my goodness! I started up a conversation, and then I was talking to them! By myself! They really liked me! I gave them eikaiwa chirashis, flyers, and then  gave them a FFEP pamphlet, Free Family English Program, they wrote their names for me, and later they left and came back ,and then I asked them if they liked origami. They also were telling their teacher person about us right there, so I talked to her for a second. Then we did origami. They taught me how to make a crane. My companion shimai already knew how to do it, but she still followed along! There was another little girl with the two girls this time, who was in awe with us! She couldn't stop staring!  But anyway, she taught us how to fold cranes, and then I tried to teach them how to make mouths, but then a boy came up. He said something. IDK what though. I could tell that they needed to do something, but they kept saying it was ok if they stay... Then the teacher came up, and was like "What are you doing?" So then they left, and we left too, but it was sure a good time!! 

I had a lot of happy moment this week! The church is true. Missions are hard, but they truly bring joy! 

I love you all! 

福音は真実です! The gospel is true! 愛しています! I love you! 

We were given these at a members house. I love ward members!!
Lol. Sorry all of my pictures involve food apparently! Because McDonalds. I had a shrimp burger.
Look. I got these for 310 yen. A pretty good steal of a deal. 
Meet Cutie... I mean my companion... That may or may not be her moms tag!! Haha Man I love missions. And helmets! 

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