Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Out of Town, Lucky Day 111 and In God We Trust

I had a few appointments with two different Doctors in a town that is a four our round trip. I also had the play in the evening so my day was super full.

I have been having lots of issues with my thyroid due to the parasites and possibly other causes but I did something I have never done before.

I went to see an acupuncturist. It was an initial visit and I didn't have much time due to the other things I had going on but I had a few needles inserted and did feels some things moving especially in lung area.

I wish I had more time to have more done and wish I could have taken the time to enjoy the treatment but I had such a busy day that I didn't get to spend time enjoying the relaxation that I think it could bring.

I was thrilled with the other Dr. and her work both times I have gone to her and hope to be able to post about that later but for now, I wanted to share my blessings of the day.

My car has been having issues starting in the heat. If I park it on an angle with the front down, it seems to start but if it is hot and parked flat or nose up, I can't get it to start until it cools down.

I was able to find places at each stop to park it front down! I found a penny at one stop and then went to a second hand store that is nice and new in that town looking for Broadway shirts for a quilt for Princess Five. She asked for me to make her one out of Broadway T-shirts but it is really hard to find any. I have had people looking for me and I looked online and even 20 year old shirts are $20 or more on eBay.

I spent a few hours searching all the men's, women's, and children racks of t-shirts and was able to find at least three she loved shown at the top and I found a few more that I thought may be good filler if needed and the best part is, the store had the best prices of shirts of any I have found. Most of the shirts I bought were $2 with a few at $3 but a few at $1 so on average, I got the shirts for $2.

I was also able to find a few Disney shirts as I am collecting to make a princess quilt and a Mickey and Minnie quilt eventually. I am also starting to collect Star Wars shirts, so if I find any cute shirts in those three areas for $2 or less I purchase them as eventually, I think it would be fun to make a quilt out of them for a grandchildren.

On my way out of town, I stopped at a DQ and the car in front of me had a number on the license plate holder with a 111 in it. I then look to the right and the car parked to the side had a 111 in the actual license plate number.
I look out my window and there were pennies on the ground at the pick up window. I am not always able to pick up the coins I see but I really felt that God was letting me know that eventually, my health will improve and I was SO grateful to find the Dr. I did as she has already helped me greatly. 

I arrived back home just in time for the play and have some other issue waiting but I wanted to share those blessings as I am very grateful for what I found today and for the Dr's help and that my car started and I wasn't stranded!

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