Monday, February 1, 2016

Princess Five Getting Asked To Jr Prom - Kisses

Princess Five and I have had a very busy month. It has been super stressful as she had region and state cheer and I have had my sick mother with us. 

You know how crazy my week was (if you read my blog) and we were at the hospital three different days this week with her getting blood etc. 

On top of all that, I have gotten several calls from boys asking if my daughter had been asked to prom. 

I have heard that
"calling the mom" is not a common thing. I know when I was growing up, I don't think any boys asked my parents if I had been asked, the boy just asked and if you had already been asked, you would just answer him "no" with an explanation. 

In this town however, prom is a HUGE deal. It can run into the thousands of dollars with helicopter rides, etc. In the past few years they have toned it down but still, it is much larger than any other prom I have ever seen or heard of where they make stages, fountains, charge admission etc. 
Here is a link to Princess Four being asked.

Here is a link to Princess Three being asked. 

Here is a link with a picture of how Princess Two got asked. 

Princess Five and all of my girls at some point worried they wouldn't get asked to prom. As of this week, we know of four people that asked me or her friends if she had already been asked to prom. I didn't think she needed to worry but that hesitation is always there for a girl. 
Here are pictures of how she was asked this past week by a German exchange student who is attending her high school for the year. She is happy about who asked her as they have been friends since he moved here for the year and eats at her lunch table. They will look cute together at prom. 

We thought it was cute that instead of putting his name on the paper he used to ask her, he put a German flag.

Being German, this American tradition of asking girls to prom in a cute way is new to him. He found the idea online. It said, "Now that I have "Kissed" the ground you walk on, will you go to prom with me?" and they spell the word "prom" out with Hershey kisses. 

Princess had never heard of that before. She was thrilled with the ask and is looking forward to prom in a few months. I always worried about how early they ask here as in a few months, lots changes in the world of a teenager and what if they don't like each other in a few months? 

That isn't a worry here as they are just friends but it would be horrible for a couple to plan to go and then break up before prom as they start asking three months in advance here! 

We will post about how she answers him in the next few days!

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