Friday, February 5, 2016

Fast and Easy Way To be Natural With Peanut Butter

I thought I took some pictures of this at some point but don't know what happened. I was going to do another blog tonight but I am SO not feeling well. My neck and back have been sore from literally carrying my mother around sometimes as she is getting tired again after her transfusion last week. I didn't sleep much at all last night as my neck hurt every time I tried to roll over. I woke early not able to get back to sleep after having a hard time getting to sleep last night ever though I am so tired. 

I had a Dr. apt early today discussing options with the pharmaceutical company who makes the only drug that worked on the parasites and they may be doing a trial study on them. 

I then hauled my mother through the snow (she was sobbing she is so tired) to the dentist to refit her "flipper" tooth that caused the massive abscess in her mouth which still hasn't healed even though she has been on antibiotics and mouth rinses etc for a month. I took her shopping for a few minutes in her wheel chair as she has been "cooped" up and really needing an outing. 

I cleaned out my wood stove, folded laundry, put it away, did dishes, balanced my check book and paid some bills, and my sister "mother sat" while I went to watch Princess Five sing the national anthem again and cheer at the game tonight which is one of her last times cheering as she isn't sure she will do it next year. 

About game time, my head started hurting so much that nausea has been my companion all night and even after taking some medication, I am still fighting nausea and headache. It isn't supposed to snow or rain tomorrow but I am guessing tomorrow night sometime, we will be getting some form of water coming down. 

So, I am posting this somewhat lame post as I need to get to bed and try not to make a donation to the porcelain throne. Truly, it has been a VERY long month!  The video at the top shows a quick and easy way to mix your natural peanut butter using a hand mixer. Can't say I thought of it as Princess Five suggested it but it worked well.. 

Princess Five singing the national anthem again at a girls game.  Their dance cheering tonight.

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