Monday, February 8, 2016

Snoopy Yahtzee Bingo Combo Facelift

I found this game at a second hand store a few months back. I didn't have time to post about fixing it up but in trying to clean off my sd cards, I found many things I wanted to post about but didn't have the time over the holidays, I just went with what was going on at the time. 
Having my mother here, I am trying to video some of her memories. Here mind has been getting more clear all the time with the antibiotics and other things I have been treating her with so I am glad that she is doing better. I will be interested in seeing what her blood counts look like this week.

She has still been tired but as far as remembering things, she has really been better and we video taped about 10 different memories she shared tonight. I ran out of space on my sd card and had to stop but she was willing to continue so I hope she is feeling up to it tomorrow. 

I really don't know how much longer we will have her here but I am very grateful to have her be able to recall some things with good clarity tonight and be able to get it on video.  

Back to the game, I've shared in the past that I LOVE Sharpie markers. I have the largest collection of anyone I know. I think they are wonderful for so many things. I probably should offer to put Sharpie advertising on my blog. 

Anyway, the dice on this Snoopy Yahtzee game were faded and worn. Since I have such a large selection of Sharpies, I had no trouble finding just the right colors to fill in the faded colors on the dice. It was kinda a coloring activity, something to do while watching a movie or something.

I show in the video and in picture how much better you can see them once they are filled in. I have done this with regular dice also as sometimes the black will wear on the dots in time so I just take a black Sharpie and twist it in the hole making the black dots black again. 

I also show in the video how I cleaned off the bingo cards. I also used the Sharpies to color the worn corners in on the box. 

Princess Three collects Snoopy items and you would think there would be tons of items but I think because it is a collectible, there aren't many items floating around. This one was one we hadn't seen before so it will be a nice edition to her collection.

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