Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Money For Nothin - Rewards For Free

 For years I have shared how I make money paying my bills. Here is a post where I collected my cashback checks at the same time for several of my cards.

I got a letter for a credit card from Citi card giving 2 % cash back for each purchase. I had TWO Citi cards at the time and I only got 1% cash back on each purchase and then up to 5 % on certain categories. The problem I have with category cards is that I live in a small town and never go anywhere. 

They give 5% on theater, travel etc and we have one theater that doesn't get the cash back. Even on grocery stores, we have one store other than Walmart and they won't give cash back on groceries at Walmart so I can't get cash back for that. 

Also, one of the Citi cards I have had probably the longest of my Citi cards and many of the other credit cards I own and it has a $300 cash back reward limit which I can often reach quickly if I use the same card for all my bills. 

I called Citi Card and asked that I consolidate both of my other Citi cards into the double cash back card. You get 1% when you buy the item and 1% when you pay it off. AND, my favorite part, there are NO cashback limits on the card so I can use it for EVERYTHING and not have to worry that I may have reached my limit. 

One year I was using the Citi card with a $300 limit and I had reached that limit and wasn't getting any cash back because I hadn't paid attention and switched to another cash back card. I love the new Citi card as it is flat and has no raised numbers on the front of the card and is blank on the front other than my name in flat black ink on the front. Everything is on the chip and strip on the back of the card! It is wonderful.

I don't like Discovers cash back as they work you up a percentage as you spend more and I have given them feed back about that over the years but what I DO like about Discover is that if you don't use their card for awhile, they will send you a notice saying they will give you a bonus if you use your card 5 times in a month or at 3 different stores and sometimes it is $20 plus cashback just for using it a few times. I do like that they will give you your FICA (credit report) score for free every month so you can see if something is amiss in your credit.

I got nearly $300 back from my Citi card cashback when I closed the two cards for the new double cash one and forgot to copy or photo the check before cashing it so I don't have it but it was within the last month. 

I then just called on getting my Discover $280ish back and they won't give checks to you but can only direct deposit it into your bank account but if your account isn't linked to your credit card, they can only deposit $199. So, you have to get several deposits into a new linked account or they credit your card with the amount and they can't carry a credit so they mail you a check that way. 

I also stopped at the recycling center today where I got my last recycling check for things I collected over the past year or so. If you mention to friends and family or on a local facebook site that you are collecting metals, sometimes people will support your fund raiser for whatever cause. The friend that allowed us to collect had some health problems and is no longer doing the recycling but it has been a great help over the years for different fund raising situations. 

I have another $130 on my Chase card and probably some on my other Chase card. So, in a year, I usually make anywhere from $500 - $900 using my credit cards to pay off EVERYTHING! I NEVER pay cash if I can help it. I use credit for everything and then pay off the card each month getting cash back which usually helps pay my house taxes. When the check comes, I will put it directly toward my house taxes and then hopefully, they won't be overwhelming when they are due in November! 

I thought I would share the new Citi card with those of you who enjoy cash back. All my girls get a credit card as soon as they are eligible and learn to do this. Princess Two has over $300 cash back on her American Express Card at the moment. She has a card that she gets 1.5% on everything which is better than any of my cards until recently. The good deals are out there if you look for them! It really is "Money for Nothin" as you have to pay your bills anyway, why not make some money while doing it! 

I also wanted to share how God has been quite wonderful in sharing 111's with me this past few weeks while I struggle taking care of my mother and dealing with my own health issues and getting Princess Five ready for prom etc. 

Last week, three of my videos on youtube had 111 in the numbers of views they had. Today, I was looking and smiled when I noticed that my "homemade diffuser" video got 1,111 views in the past month. It made me happy to see 111 several times today but that was right at the end of the day as it is nearly 2 a.m. and I have to be up and take my mother to the cancer specialist driving 6 hours tomorrow and maybe up to 7 hours at the hospital getting blood etc. I am hoping all goes well and I don't have to get her blood in the city and can bring her down her before she needs more blood. Tomorrow's blog may be short. ha ha 

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