Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas Line Up - My Baby Isn't First Anymore

I have posted before about our tradition to "line-up" on Holiday mornings. Since I was born, my family lined up at Christmas and Easter.  Years ago, I was going through some family documents and found out that my fathers family and his parents family all lined up to go into Christmas. It is interesting how some things we do in our lives are just passed down from generation to generation and sometimes, we don't know that other people's families don't do the same things. 

Here is a link to my first post about it in 2010.  Some of the pictures are actually from Easter as we do the same thing for Easter. Here is our line up for 2011. Here are a few more line up pictures in a post. 

Over the years, there have been some issues about who gets to go in first as the youngest would head the line but when the girls weren't all little anymore, sometimes they would kind of fight their way playfully to the front saying that it wasn't right that say the middle girl only got to go in first for a year or two before she lost the position. Like any of them would remember being two anyway. ha ha
There wasn't a fight at all this year however as I think everyone was in agreement that Grand-Princess got that honor. Of course we took our line up photo by age but in reality, I should have had Princess Five hold the baby in the front of the line. 
I will have to consider that for future posts if we are blessed to continue having them come. I think the reality will be that there will come a time when the girls will all want to have their own Christmas mornings, and line ups with their own kids in their own homes. 

I think that is only right and one house probably wouldn't be comfortable for everyone and hauling all the presents would be crazy. 

I am just grateful for the wonderful blessings we had this year and the enjoyment of everyone home. I'm not sure how many more opportunities we will have to have everyone home for Christmas. The other girls may choose to serve missions, get married and move out of state or country and the reality then would be they wouldn't all be near enough to enjoy that blessing. 
I myself was in New Zealand one year and lived across the country for ten years of my life with the older girls. 

I LOVED seeing the baby walking in and getting excited about the "Skittles" bag as it made noise and was something she could hold. She had just started walking the past month and was so cute walking around holding her bag of candy. 
What a wonderful life I have been blessed with having such healthy and amazing girls and now grandchildren. Prince One only adds to our enjoyment and we seemed to smile and laugh the entire vacation. 

God truly does love me to bless me with so much. 

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