Thursday, April 14, 2016

Making Necklaces Out of Charm Bracelet For The Grandchildren

I shared a few weeks ago how my sister and I have been going through my mothers jewelry and bagging it for her family to choose at the next gathering. Click here for a post about that.

She had this silver charm bracelet and I thought it would be nice to put one on a necklace for each of the grand-children. I got online several different times looking for necklaces and different styles. 

I purchased 35 of them off a site on eBay. I searched for hours looking at all the small print and ordered them from someone who had good feedback and had sold 14000 items. 
They arrived this week which is good timing as I am not sure how much longer my mother will be with us and figured I could have all the grand-daughters choose one at the funeral.

When I opened the bag, I knew something wasn't right. I have lots of silver and the color is just off. Here is a post where I share how to tell if something is real silver.   

The video shows the color differences, how the magnet pulls on the chains. one of the chains was welded to itself near the clasp and if it were silver, it would be loose. Also, the box chain style in silver is usually snake like and these keep kinking. 

I am frustrated with the product but don't know that I will have the time to order more so I just went with the chains and hope to get a partial refund from the seller. 

I purchased some sterling jump rings to attach the charms to the necklaces and found those at a second hand store so that was nice. 

I asked my daughters and several of the older grand-daughters if that would be something they would like before ordering the chains and they all said it would be fun to have something from grandmas reining days as a national beauty queen. 

My mother collected these charms from around the world when she visited places, she would get a charm, instrument, doll etc. There are some really cute charms and I think the girls will all enjoy having something from their grandma. 

My sister has some small boxes we will be sticking them in and then drawing names from a hat and allowing them to pick in the order they are drawn.

I suggest you purchase silver from an online jewelry wholesaler or see if you can talk to a jeweler and see if they can order you bulk rather than taking a chance on eBay. 

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