Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Little Gift From Mom - Dance - Swim - Sing

It was moments before my mother passed away. I know she was near death and I felt her come to me. She said, "I can DANCE, SWIM, and SING! I can SING!" 
I got stuck at the swim comment. I can't explain how I hear it but I am not hearing it but it is like the words are just in my head as an impression. I have had this now many times in my life. It is perhaps that I am a perceptive person or something and I know many would make fun at this but my friend Ruth that died just over a year ago also gave me an impression message. Here is the post about that. 

It wasn't until the next day when the emotion wore off of her passing that the "swim" portion of that message was clear. My mother almost drown when she was 12. She HATED getting water on her face. She freaked when getting into a pool. It was interesting that she would do water slides but not deep pools. Even showers upset her and we fought all the time about making her take showers for the ease of it.  

She was letting me know there was no more fear of death and she as free to enjoy swimming again as she loved it when she as a child. 

She couldn't sing well towards the end and it upset her as she sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for almost 10 years and led many choirs and was in one until recently. It was upsetting to her that while with me, she couldn't join in singing the hymns at church. 

I am glad my mother came and let me know she was happy and free. I am glad she can swim, dance and sing now free from pain and being tired. I will miss her!

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