Monday, April 13, 2015

Life Size Hungry Hungry Hippo - Family Friendly

We had our annual family Easter Camping trip a week later this year due to three families having a different spring break than the rest of us. 
Having it later, some of the others that could normally come, then weren't able to come. Either way, we would have some of the family missing. 
Since it was later, we decided to have the reunion at my sisters house as they have a huge lot of land with their house. 
They did an amazing job hosting the event and she got some things together for us to play a life sized "Hungry Hungry Hippo" game.  

She got some rolling car fixing carts, round light laundry baskets, equal lengths of rope and several bags of balloons. 

She tied the ropes onto the rolling carts and they used a few compressors to blow up all the balloons. 

The first round, they kept the same person on the carts for the entire game but some of the others playing wanted a turn so when it came to playing the next day, we decided to have them switch players each time out to the middle.
I liked the second version of the game better. It gave everyone a chance to participate.

I have seen some videos where they used bungee ropes to play but I think this would limit you having more than one player for each round and also could hurt them with the rebound of it. 

This method worked great for our clan as we have children of all ages playing. Even some of the adults took turns. 

When we asked everyone to share their favorite part of the weekend, this event was on most of the lists. 

After they played the game all the times they wanted, we had them count up their balloons and then had them pop them all as quickly as they could. 

It was quite loud and made our ears hurt but they had fun doing it as you can see by the videos. I hope to post some other fun activities we did as well this week.        

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